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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Thursday, August 28, 2008

the time is NOW....

Thursday, August 28, 2008 – 8:49 PM
sorry again for the sporadic posts but have been really busy. so i am the guest editor for the Times of India today and i have really laid out some of the problems that plague indian sport... the point is that i don't want to sound like this griping old man but truly believe that we NEED TO CHANGE NOW!!!!!
The point is that only us sports lovers and people who really care for the country can make this happen so am open to all my readers offering various solutions and how we can proceed forward. we need to do this together and is something that will make this country a better place not only for sportsmen but everyone. So lets all put our heads together and really figure out how we can make this happen.
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Anonymous said...

Dear Abhinav,
First of all wanted to congratulate you for bringing back a gold medal!!
I've been reading all of your interviews in the newspapers and posts on the blog it is heartening to learn that you are spreading the message to Indians to embrace sports and instilling hope in sportsmen that hard work doesn't go waste.
You winning a gold medal has created a media frenzy and also made people sit up notice and think of sport sans cricket and more importantly the governement is listening now!
Hopefully government is going to do something about the way sports,sportsmen are perceieved and treated in India and will open aveneues for sponsorship of the deserving sportsmen.
Being an ex national level swimmer I left sports to become an engineer,thousands of Indians are living their dream through you.


saim said...

Hi this is Saim from Pakistan. First of all congats to u Abhinav for winning the first individual gold medal for India ( I guess this would be the first individual Gold won by anyone in South Asia). I just read your interview in TOI and I fully agree with u that athelets dont get the desired support and response from the govt (same is the case with Pakistan) due to which talent in South Asian countries gets wasted. Even the media is only interested in promoting cricket due to which other games in which India and Pak once excelled (like Hockey and Squash) have suffered immensely. I hope that yours, Vijender's and Sushil's victory may blow a wind of change not just for India but for other South Asian countries and we may see more medals in non traditional sports and more coverage of different sporting events other than cricket in the near future.

Muhammad Saim
Karachi, Pakistan

Smruti said...
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Smruti said...

Hi abhinav
todays morning newspaper was just
the way i thought it would have been.....
i was very excited yesterday only
when i read that u would be the guest editor
of TOI for todays edition......
many important points were covered.....
u have thrown light on all those aspects of sports...
and their proper requirements...which are needed by india....
there were several points categorized
under their respective headings.....
and yes one word caught my eye was "goldfinger"
apart from this i got to know about ur watch.....with golden rim and
silver belt.....
it was written there that there are only
302 on this entire planet.....
i can estimate how costly it is.....
i thoroughly enjoyed reading todays newspaper...
even ur different moments were captured by their lenses....
i m even more excited to comment today
because today i m the first one to comment on this issue....
frankly speaking i have not even read ur todays blog....
i ll comment on it latter....

Vik said...

I loved the tone of your post today.Nothing is as inspiring and powerful as "now"...even if it's just the beginning.Gosh,I read Telegraph ,now I 'll have to get a copy of TOI ,lol.Despite your doubts that you might be perceived as an whiner if you chalk out the problems, I have a feeling that it won't be the case because you aren't doing it as an onlooker,but as someone who has been in the trenches and succeeded... and attempting to inject that success strategy in the system rather than simply critiquing it.From what I have read so far,I believe that there is neither dearth of talent nor will on part of our athletes.They needed the political will ,qualified training and the infrastructural backing to succeed ,but if the same backing can be provided through corporates and public efforts ,then the political willingness can be taken out of it,just like in case of our industries.

Sanjeevani Chaphekar said...

Abhinav Congrats....
I want to know your opinion on the following.

"Indian Government & various State governments have declared prizes for winners which is good & encouraging. But is it not important to spare this money for training of sportsmen? I am sure there are number of potential sportsmen who can win in various games but do not have sufficient facilities due to lack of money."

People like you, Sania Mirza are fortunate enough to have parents who spent for your development as sportsman & encouraged you. If you agree to this I request you to pass on this message to various governments. Now they are in mood to listen seriously



Vik said...

Btw,can I ask a question ? I don't understand why neither Chess nor Golf are part of Olympics yet.Well,Golf I still understand,but how about rapid chess?

CHEERpy TALK said...

Abhinav...I am one person who never reads any blogs...but this is one blog I am reading regularly with dedication...lol.
I am impressed by the amount of maturity reflected by your thoughts at such a young age and pray that all youth of today are equally enterprising.
Someone rightly said charity begins at home...all parents must encourage their kids to pursue their sporty dreams if any.In most homes such dreams are crushed with the burden of academics.I am an engineer by profession and maybe I could have been good in some other extra curricular activity if my dreams were nurtured at their realms.
Congratulations again to all the 3 of you..who have done us proud.

Lohith said...

Your TOI article was truly well written. Hats off to you Abhinav Bindra!!! This really brings into limelight the various issues affecting the growth of a sportsmen and how it could be solved by corporate interest rather than by our mediocre sports governing authorities. It is remarkable how you managed to overcome all the difficulties and still come out as true champion. Your dream of national network of multidiscipline sports league operated by sports CEOs is a good step forward in bringing up the hidden talents in the vast expanse of our country. I am glad that you are trying your best to bring a sporting movement in the country. Truly, you are the BEST person for it. I just hope today's youth will take a lot of motivation from you and put in efforts to bring more glories to India. Your blog is truly an inspiration not for just sports buffs but for everyone. Your views are AWESOME!!!

๑۩۞۩๑♥V♥๑۩۞۩๑ said...

sure mans sure...the best way to get started is to setup a system.
see canada,usa,china,australia..
all have sport complexes for children even in small towns.
that's where the govt should find the next gold medal winners.

i think it would be best in the interest of nation to get back to villages and start grooming kids there.
Once we get the base right everything would be easy.

Kamalika said...

I just read the TOI. I looooooooooved Pg. 17; it was great.

sandip said...

Congrats Abhinav for all your success.
I really like your calm & collected attitude.
Carry on with same spirit.
We are with you always.

๑۩۞۩๑♥V♥๑۩۞۩๑ said...

the online link to your article


meghz said...

nice 2 knw dat sum1 finally won a gold for the country....... beliv me wen i say dat i had zero intrest in knowing the olympic reslts until u won a gold!!! i really awe u coz i gotta knw thru the newspapers dat sumtime ago u sufred due 2 a bad back ache bt still u were determined to rise above it all.... u knw this info has inspired me so much! nice 2 knw dat sum1 has achievd sumthin as huge as wat u hav in this cricket oriented nation!!!!!! bt man how on earth do u manage 2 retain that calm state of mind??????????? u r 2 gud.....

Vik said...

Thanks for that link.Hey Abhi,I think you've spelled out the problems already and even worded how to address them : "the current official set-up should be replaced with a professional body for each sport, headed by a CEO, who would be given targets.In other words, accountability could ensure brighter results." I guess your structure is becoming a little more clearer when I read this : "I can't get entrenched into the system. I'd only be wasting my time. I'd rather help the athletes with training and improving their performance." I think that's wise!However,there's got to be a way to change the IOA structure for the better to get to the double in 2012 instead of 2016!The double will mean a HUGE leap from 49th to within first 10 best!

Resmi Jaimon said...

I've been following your posts and most of your interviews. I write for publications in India and abroad. When free, would like to discuss a possible interview for an Indian magazine. Could you please get in touch with me at resmi.writer@gmail.com. You can see my profile at www.resmijaimon.com and http://resmi-jaimon.blogspot.com. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Hi Abhinav,
I am interested in shooting and now want to opt shooting as a career and need some guidence from u. From where i can learn shooting?
I need some more information about this. And i m realy want to learn shooting.
I hope will reply at


zinsser said...

Abhinav,i think i konw your meaning more or less from your articls. In fact ,many comment of news in China said "you are a silence and humble person" It seems to me that it's ture, i don't know whether my words "right or wrong" you worry about people in India excessive share your sucess and forget " a country not only need one abhinav, and the revitalization of sports depand on one people is not enough ,you hope everyone is able to concern and support sports and the people that it never get a gold,because they are stil worthy of respect ! May be my words is not good,please don't mind!

Anonymous said...

Hi Abhinav,
First of all congrats for your incredible success of bringing first indivisual gold medal for India. Also congratulations to your parents, your coach and any who helped you in achieving your aim. It was a great moment to see an Indian with gold medal in Olympic and to hear tune of 'JAN GAN MAN' on tv screen. I was very excited. But you was looking very cool. I was amused on looking upon you. All Indians, like me are proud of you.We love you.
Actually, before you did your job I had not even heard your name. I am very happyu to listen that You are going to do somethig for sports in India since we are far behind from other countries in field of sports and im sure that sportmen like you will bring India ahead in sports.You are now ideal sportman for all young generation which is great fan of cricket and which is now realising that there are many kinds of sports in which we can make our carrier.Many many thanks for this.I am sure that there will be 'MIKEL FELPSE' in India in recent future winnig 8 indivisual gold medals for India.
Wish you A very bright future.
Your indian fan,

Anonymous said...

Hello Mr Guest Editor
Good to see ur post.

Read so much about u in today's TOI.It provided a lot of info on u which u never write in ur posts.

Infact in the business section, they have compared ur wiining gold to that if increasing sale of gold.

There was a section bindaas bindra where u mentioned that none of the chinese gals who took ur number contacted u n neither is there any enquiry regarding the most eligible bachelor in India.And u r both disappointed n relieved.Well a veyr very CLEVER answer.It was really fun to read all this.


Vik said...

Just finished reading your article in it's entirety (I hope)Damn, all the answers are there :) (well,most of'em) You are being a realist when you say 10 years for a system ,but being a cautious optimist,I feel that time frame can be significantly brought down,especially because, as you too have observed,sensing the following, now corporates are much more open to invest for long term profits.Alright,so,what if the structure you were talking about "the current official set-up should be replaced with a professional body for each sport, headed by a CEO, who would be given targets.In other words, accountability could ensure brighter results." is put in place ,NOT in IOA,but privately ,with corporate backing for "individual" sports,where undercutting an athletes efforts are out of question,due to collective gains ( both midterm and long term)? Domestic Leagues for individual sports will/can be a subset of that model.Three grands per week per athlete who qualifies for that support won't be a huge investment considering the longterm ROI ,Abhi.That way, the restructuring of IOA won't come in way just yet.

Anonymous said...

nice :)

srilu....the sweeeeeeeeetest of all said...

hii...Watching u in various interviews on tv;I think the infrastructure provided must be huge;It wud definitely help in providing more facilities for the athletes;And the ppl or organisations which encourage other sports must increase;

Narasimhan said...

Kudos Abhinav!!! I wish I could personally meet you and congratulate you on your achievement at Olympics'08 and your views on Times Of India (TOI) News Paper that will, IMO trigger the Development of Games & present infrastructure of stadiums in India and those words would spread like a wild fire.

Still no worries, your TOI interview is self explanatory.

Vik said...

And just in case anyone missed out : Abhinav Bindra's Article

rakhi said...

well,your idea about having CEO's is really nice.but the problem is funds.Waiting for the help of govt's is somewhat useless.It won't be a bad idea to seek private help in the case of funds.I do fear all of us young people out here can do much help,apart from our prayers.But i do belive that if we people start watching sports other than cricket,slowly the medias will also turn their spotlight on other sports.

An Oracle DBA Expert Desiring OCM said...

Hi Abhi,

Really its great to read thoughts from you.
Its very true that at every sports Organization we found Politicians which does not have any knowledge regarding sports.
But this should be stopped first then only we can move towards betterment of our sports in India.


nairita said...

Hi Abhinav,
Read ur article in Times of India.
I completely support ur views n comments. Its high time to change the system. Many athletes give up the sport due to inadequte facility or training n mostly due to lack of finance. I also do agree with ur comment that India has the capability to win more medals than expected if the athletes are properly groomed. The coaches problem is their in India. Hardly anybody know whats going on in the international arena. So how can they produce international standard sportperson?? I hope ur article is read by few high officials so that they can take some actions regarding this. I also appreciate ur intiative to open ur own training academy. Well to be honest ,I too have such a dream(not now but since last 6 years), that I want open a swimming academy of my own where I can produce world class swimmers. Actually I got this idea coz I have seen many young swimmers in & around Kolkata swimming across the huge Hoogley river daily nthat too really very fast. I thought if they are properly trained then an Olympic medal is sure for India. (This was what I thought at that point of time.)Thanks to you for bringing home the first golden glory. I pray u continue with ur good work & ya, be the same humble person u r.
All the best for ur future.


Abhay said...

brushed through today's edition of TOI.... I think the idea of a CEO with a hefty pay is good1... ;)

Abhilasha said...
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CVS said...

Hey Abhinav,
Guest Editor of TOI would have been a good experience. Indeed, we all bloggers are expressing our views freely on our blogs. But, fourth estate is lot more serious and responsible stuff. A critical component of a vibrant democracy.

If we look around our beloved country
Floods in Bihar – a natural calamity or a man-made catastrophe for being irresponsible to our environment ?
Jammu and Kashmir – the state hit a new low
Communal violence in Orissa
Tata Nano project is a project of international relevance. It may our own ‘Ford T model’. But politicians will not allow the project to go beyond personal egos and look at common good.
There are other pockets of problems, such as the sign-board issue raised in Mumbai, etc.

What is the root cause ? I think it is failure of our Political Leadership.
Whose fault ? Our fault. We were irresponsible else incompetent politicians would not have been our leaders.
Solution ? this is not easy. We need to be responsible. Need to feel empowered. Need to wholeheartedly accept Gandhian values such as non-violence, Satyagraha, frugal living

We can not wait for next election ( panchayat/municipal/state/national) to punish one set of politicians to be replaced with another set in their musical chairs.



Abhilasha said...

hey abhinav...just read ur profile on wiki...to happy to learn we share the same b'days!

swapnaja said...

i sincerely don't think you need any of us giving you more suggestions . you seem to know everything very well and why not ? you've been a part of the same system . your right when you say that the system needs to change and that preparations for a double figure in the 2016 olympics should begin now . but i seriously hope that all this lasts long and doesn't fade away as the euphoria dies . with your determination and the people lending support this doesn't seem an impossible task . lets all put in cummulative efforts for the betterment of sports .
but don't you think that the sportsmen are not given the right incentives ? they deserve much more than just government jobs where rotten politics is the basis of everything . i wish the sports in our country were free from such petty politics . then maybe we would have achieved all this and more very early .
all the best for your plans .

DeEpIkA said...

Dear Abhinav,
hi i am Deepika

First of all wanted to congratulate you for bringing back a gold medal and whatever ur doing
I've been reading all of your interviews in the newspapers and im really found of you .
I am really interested in shooting from my childhood but could not do so but now want to opt shooting and need some guidance from u. From where i can learn shooting?
I need some more information about this. And i m really want to learn shooting.
I hope will reply at my id rhtdm171086@yahoo.co.in

eagerly waiting for your reply till then bye

Stuti said...

The point is that we all know where the problem lies, but are helpless, or should mention, inactive and ignorant of this... Good coaches, good "Indian system", devotion and dedication of the players,(which i think is least 'cause of other "enginrrein', medico or other reputed degrees becoming the most important one in everyone's life) is actually what is required.
Even you remained out of the system to build up your potential and avoid other restrictions.
That's why, i think the first step should be to develop ppl's interests in other xtra-ordinary sports, which only they can do and not we ppl. thts the reason why our country never enters international levels in sports like swimming, pole-vault, gymnastics(possible, haan??), taekwondo(though taught to many), football(the so-called "cool" sport), 400m(atleast 200m), cycling, walking, n many other sports which are taught, but not utilized n actually directed to players in the desired path. Poeple of our nation need to change their mentalities and take interests in other sports seriously too(except for over-hyped cricket). People are either distracted by other aspects of life, or are not seriously involved, or could be that they don't even have ideas of certain sports unfamiliar to India or which are not practised here.
You are on your way preparing the road map,,,, n there are many cases in which, players win national levels, but don't go beyond that... So we need to elevate the zeal of sportsmanship in every aspiring player, who appreciate the victory of certain people(eg.: You) and are satisfied thinking that next time, these "certain" people are surely gonna bring the glory (hum to wahaan tak reach hi nahin kar paayenge, dus-dus saal lag jaate hain) n all those mentalities.
SO, LETS BREAK THESE BARRIERS OF LACK OF KNOWLEDGE AND LACK OF ENTHUSIASM AND START IT ALL WITH A FRESH BREEZE OF A NEW START. i think you should start it off with your strategy of creating institute for shooting, as YOU are the person who has actually taken the initiative to act according to your words... So, i would suggest you to actually look after shooting institute to be created,,, rest will take place later, 'cause SOMEONE HAS TO BEGIN, right???

Mihir said...

Dear Abhivav,

You have changed my attitude after winning the gold for India. I am a sport lover and I appreciate all kind sports but more sportsmanship and you are one of the jewels in Indian sport. Today I read your article in Times of India and I was really impressed. When I look back during my school times I remember what you are saying about Indian sport. I have spent 30 years in India and presently staying in US for couple of years with my family. I can clearly see the difference between two countries as far as sport is concern, its all start with family. In India I hardly see parents visiting in big numbers to see there kids playing any tournaments we don’t have that kind of attitude to encourage from family root. Can someone tell me how many seats are reserved for sport scholarship in IIT and IIM? If we have math or science included in summer Olympic I am sure we will get double digit in London because there were our parents want us to go, we as a parent need to change the attitude the way be bring up the our kids. I am proud that your family has a good vision and I salute them.

harry said...

Hi sir, I am a shooter from the state of J&K. I need your hep so kindly mail me at ranjit.chopras@gmail.com

Champak said...

Contest upcoming elections..Go independent if you like...think about it..

michaelangelo said...


siri said...

Hi abhinav............congrats to you. you are became busy one now. your's costly hobby is one of my favourate.

But i don't want to know about that all things now. I heard some where that........bussiness also one of your proffesion. Just i wish that you have a greate future in you bussiness life. (because that is my fashion. so......)


kams said...

How r u? UR medal made me to feel proud as never before. I am KAMS from CHENNAI, TAMIL NADU. I am an engineering student.
Today morning I was reading TOI and now only I watched CNN IBN. How soft u r? It’s amazing to see such a nice character. Keep the charming smile.
I just want to know your opinion about girl's participation in sports. Why I am asking is that, most of the families’ are not allowing girls to take sports as their profession. They are thinking that its risky, unnecessary, unsafe etc. there is always a gender restriction in our society not only in sports but also in other fields too. There r many rules and regulations in case of girl child on everything.
And tell me 5 most admirable women in this world except your mom.

akhil said...

hi Abhinav...
congrats for winning gold medal.......i love the way u conducted urself in front of media........ur humility is astonishing.........

jen said...

hi abhinav.
as a mother of 2 young kids i would like to make some suggestions: based on ur plan to start an academy for athletes and i believe that u are serious..start a fund which will be managed by you and you alone.i will contribute if u r going to be the CEO of that fund.(maybe not a huge amt but in installments)coz without funds its difficult to have infrastructure.
secondly get hold of some sports company to sponsor physiotherapists and mind trainers or psychologists of inernational repute to help our athletes.Im sure u understand the need more than anyone else.
write a letter to the govt and get them to promise you that playgrounds and not malls will be a priority in every layout in metros and every district taluk etc.
well those are some of the immediate suggestions i can make now...will get back with more if i can.i am pesronally battling with local authorities in bangalore to convert some vacant land into a playground so that children will be out doing sports rather than watch tv or go to the mall. hope that someday my kids will make to your academy of sports. wishing you all the best in all that you do and god bless you for getting us the gold medal.

jina said...

yes i read that article in times of india..yes i do agree that we need sports and politician needs to be seperated...really professionals sportsman should be the chair person 4 all sports federation...n i watched ur interview in cnn ibn ...very splendid to know that u r planning to open SHOOTING center for young shooters...thanx and congrates to new avatar of urs the refomer of Indian sports

Anonymous said...

Well, I think it's really sad that in spite of all that's happening in Bihar (heck it was on the headlines on cnn) no newspaper has bothered to carry the news on the front page.. Really troubling..

Sherel said...

hey abhinav...

you know what?
jsut thiis morning i was about to take DNA (newspaper) and then suddenly i thought why not Times of Inida...believe me i always read the headline and buy the newspaper...(well thats my style) but today it just took me a min to say Times plz to the bhaiyaaji...and i was indeed delighted to know you were there....Again...Smiling at the First page...

i wanted to be a journalist...and i always wondered if a Lazy lump like me would ever do something different tht others would this "WOW! she's sone it man"...
and can u believe yesterday was the day i started reading your blog...and i dnt know for how many people you are their role model for me you are "the man i respect, adore & look upon"...not at all cuz of your fame n EtC etc....but the jest & passion in you is so high that it makes everyone go wooh...
im no different...but abhinav...KEEp Up the Gr8 work....

and what you said about the girls thing.....man u have a line waiting 4 u there...(im to in that Number....lolz)

coming to your interview...i must say that aftr a very long time i sat down to read the newspaper with such interst...atleast other than those daily mourning Cricket, Bollywood and murder stories that media has hyped...

No matter what you do...I & India will always be with you

All the best...

Roma said...

Hello Abhinav:

It feels great to see you work so hard towards making a change.
But, C'mon, let's face it.....until a change is made at the ground level, which again needs to be a gigantic implementation, it will be hard to expect a storming revolution.

Its time to think big and have the government involved. For a country and such size, to bring a revolution, I think, its time to set some serious sports lover body and not politicians and breed the change.........

Or else its gonna be the same old story of two weeks of media coverage and then you are on your own.

nowsheen said...

The TOI article this morning gave me a pleasant surprise and I truly appreciate the audacity with which you have mentioned the current problems that plague Indian sports and solutions to overcome the same. One truly requires the courage to stand up and speak boldly against the current bureaucracy. You have taken the responsibility of being the voice of other athletes too and done a great job. It takes real guts to speak out and against those who are congratulating you and trying to ride on your success. I’m startled and truly inspired with your bold attitude. Your article gave us a realistic insight into the actual shocking scenario!
As the article rightly said, you have a “clear vision, UNWAVERING FOCUS & an ability to execute brilliantly under pressure.” You are an inspiration to several Indians like me who will now fight relentlessly towards our goals observing your powerful determination, bold character and not letting success get on to our head when it comes to us! Thanks a million Abhinav!

shraboni said...

Hi Abinav,
first of all congrats! after a long interval we can really cheer for our sporting hero who we can look up to. otherwise sportmen ( read cricketers!) nowdays are nothing but a SPOILT BRATS busy in slaping, crying or dating bollywood beauties. I really share your concern about OLYMPICS sports in India. I will be dream to rub shoulder with the gold digging countries around the world. Keep it up. I wish your concern will be eye opener to our comatose officials. Best of luck! shraboni

Dinoj said...

Just heard on the BBC website about the scathing article you wrote. Nice job. Don't you dare stop, even if the officials demonize you.

A couple of suggestions:

(a) Form a non-profit private organization for sports funding. Several affluent Indians and NRIs would be willing to contribute to it, and it will kickstart things. Relying on the government seems a bad idea - they will forget about your words by next week. Use the money for grassroots programs, coaches, etc. And trust me, a lot of expats will donate money since they're tired of hearing about India being the biggest underperforming nation in sports.

(b) Get more publicity for non-cricket sports. Perhaps a panel session with various former and current sportspeople - Dhanraj Pillay, Sania Mirza, yourself, the other medallists, etc... people who can talk in front of a camera. Come up with concrete suggestions... and inspire young people (and their parents).

(c) Never forget that you are the exception and not the rule. (Not that anyone needs to tell you this.)

Abhilasha said...

hi...saw ur interview on CNN-IBN and ur dignity and humility truly amazes me...

Megha said...

Hey Abhinav,

You are right in pointing out that only people who are passionate about sports can help bring about this change.

I feel the first and foremost step should be to rope in corporate houses; get them to do something similar to what Mittals have done for these Olympics. Form a trust with a longer time frame in mind. And then get professionals/coaches to chart out a plan. I am sure if this kind of initiative is taken, coupled with the right type of marketing tactics, will get many sports enthusiasts to pitch-in.

Similar to this, something should be done for kids also. What better place to start than Chandigarh. Corporates who have a presence in Chd- like Bharti can be roped in. Heard from my folks back home that there is going to be a shooting range in Panjab Univ. Way to go! :)

I had read somewhere that BCCI has 'adopted' some non-cricket sports and will be providing financial help. Not sure how much that'll help.


zombey_-/\-_ said...

hey...amazing u r!! :P

aditi said...

Dear Abhinav,
Its good to learn that you r taking an initiative to promote sporting culture in india.i have some points in my mind which i would like to share with you-

*first of all we need to find sporting talents at school level

*we need to find out the ratio of money alotted by the government to that actually which reaches the athletes

*there are many laws like RTI,which can be used for this purpose

*a separate group consisting of all olympians should regularly give reports of existing problems to the government

i think that these things if implemented,can solve our sporting problems to some extent n we can hope to win many more medels in the near future

reachme said...

Hi Abhinav!I read your articles in TOI and liked them.

aditi said...

Dear Abhinav,
Its good to learn that you r taking an initiative to promote sporting culture in india.i have some points in my mind which i would like to share with you-

*first of all we need to find sporting talents at school level

*we need to find out the ratio of money alotted by the government to that actually which reaches the athletes

*there are many laws like RTI,which can be used for this purpose

*a separate group consisting of all olympians should regularly give reports of existing problems to the government

i think that these things if implemented,can solve our sporting problems to some extent n we can hope to win many more medels in the near future

vetha said...
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Nikunj Malik said...

thats indeed a noble thought that u actually seriously want the level of sports in india to be better.. not many sports men are actually bothered about others to be very frank. they reach heights themselves and then all they are bothered about is how much popular they are and how can they take babes to bed....

NO ONE CAN WORK THIS OUT ALONE. NOT EVEN OUR GOVERNMENT. SO PEOPLE LIKE U, WHO ARE PIONEERS IN THEIR FIELD MUST TAKE INITIATIVE TO TRAIN 2 DESERVING KIDS IN THEIR FIELDS. like you for instance are blessed with ur own shooting range, so organise some competitions and pick two three very talented and determined kids. and then train them very seriously.


in turn when these students are well trained say a couple of years down the line, they further adopt two students each and so on...

and over the years this chain would definately take our sports to the NEXT LEVEL !

i mean if every talented sports person takes an initiative to pass on his talent even to two brilliant students in his lifetime, that would mean a lot...

so im sure if something like that is initiated, people would sure pool in to help however they can...n may be two dcades down the line, indian sports would be somewhere significant....

molly said...

good keep it up young boys like u will change this country

molly said...

dear abhinav i am also regular member of bhopal rifle club can u sugest me a gun for my son who is 10 years he wants to take up this sport .2020 olampic.

rohit said...

hi abhinav
the reason that people r not getting attracted towards sports like shooting is that u dont earn as much as u do in cricket
in fact in shooting u dont earn anything at all
as far as my knowledge is concerned even the shooters who r in the national squad aernt paid anything
if the NRAI can make some way through which shooters can earn some money i would be good
lately i heard that even Suma Shirur doesnt have enough financed to abroad and train
thats all i can advice

rahulgrover said...

hey abhinav.
I know you will find it funny but truth last night i was studying and was not able to concentrate fully, as i am quite religious person , i came with a idea to chant a mantra
"OM ABHINAVAY NAMAH" as you mindblowing concentration power and you wont believe it works i chanted it 21 times , though i used to study 11-3 in the night that night i studied 11-7.thankyou abhinav.n pls do reply

MANISH said...

hey Abhinav,
It was great to read your views on what needs to be done for the development of the Olympic sports in India.I can't agree with you more when you say that we need CEO's instead of the politicians and bureaucrats to manage the sports' bodies in India;though I wish Mr.Kalmadi had the same opinion as us.It is really sad that even after our unprecedented performance this time,the authorities are still showing this callous attitude.Sports Management is what needs to be implemented here,like it is done in other countries.We need more people to associate themselves with sports in this nation.Maybe we can bring a Sports Revolution similar to the white revoltion brought about by Mr.Kurien.I am all for it and have planned to pursue this after finishing my management,I have friends with similar ambitions and we are with you.I thank you for that great moment when the national anthem was played at such a big stage for the first time in my lifetime.That is what inspires me to work in the sports field and churn out future champions who can give us similar moments and who knows we might even upstage China one day,but that needs a concerted and focused effort.
Here's wishing you all the best in your efforts and I hope to see India at the pinnacle of the Olympics one day.

Mani said...

Hey Abhinav bhaiya,
This is Mani Raj from Patna. Congrats on your feat. Enjoying your win. Well U have become the new youth icon, a really inspiring one. I am just a 16 year old girl almost the same age when you started shooting and I am really inspired by you and hope to do well in my own field.

samuel said...

hi abhinav congrats 4 d gold. i cannot 4get it. becoz i really love 3 shooters from india somuch. i call them my trimurtis becoz i love them so much.. they r anjaly bhagwat,samreshjung,abhinavbindra.
i was fond of anjaly from 2000 samresh from 2006 and abhinav from 2001........ i was expecting medals from my trimurtis. iwas so sad tat anjaly on d 1st day& samresh on 2nd day could'nt qualify 4 d finals..... i was so desperate........ but i was expecting a medal from u.and i was sohappy when u got a gold. my brother was telling tat why should u be so happy 4 abhinav getting a gold........ i could'nt speak becoz of my happiness........ thank u abhinav for it....... thanku. ireally want to have contact with u but i'm not having ur id ........... thanku abhinav for making me happy.............

vidhi said...

well the authorities should be really patriotic enough that they should think each second about the glory of india.get vigorously into bringing indian talents out to lit.govt should obviously help a lot in it.we have passion talent and hard work.all we need is a spark to get the heat into a glowing sun.

swathi said...

hi abhinav,
recent survey shows that India in itself has (1/3)rd of the world's poorest,given the situation it would only be apt to seek support for sports from private organisations(believing that the govt uses its money for the upliftment of the poor!).
And the question is will sports be able to provide a decent living for all those who take up the same seriously???
What can be done to achieve the same? how to bring in the knowledge among the public to see the winners n the other not so fortunate participants(for even just to participate at the international levels one has to put in lots of effort and dedicate time) with the same respect?

ankita said...

Hii Abhinav,
Firstly thanks for considering our views for this issue.But I Think your views are just reaching a few people via this blog and TOI.
Whereas your views should reach each and every single Indian who loves his/ her country.
You can form a group of people who want to contribute to your work at city/town level.
The whole country is proud of you and is looking forward at you as a new ray of hope to bring about a new revolution in the field of sports.
Best Regards.

Sprina Chris said...

Seeing u in TV interviews, realy doing gr8...............:). Hope u get all the support u want. pls don't stop writing.
byeeee tc.


Hi Abhinav,

Hope u r in the swings of good health and congratulations to u.

I saw ur interviews and check ur blogs also. In ur recently blog u want the people who can give suggestions how to improve Indian Sports.

I ‘m a national level player in swimming representing my state of Punjab in various national competitions like National Games. I know at that level how i reached it. I faced so many problems in my life to achieved that level also. That’s the life. But today I am very glad that I get an opportunity to contribute to Indian Sports in some manner.
So following r some views from my side what I think that that should be changed:

1. The family support should be there and parents should sit with their children and talk with them what their interests in their life. From this point who r learning the sports and they really want to achieve they want a psychologist not only of sports but of human behaviour and community. If family is not there to support then u can't achieve it .There should be a proper counselling .

2.Sports persons face the problem of finance also.They don’t have much money so that they can recruit or learn under some good coach.

3.Some people don’t respect to their coaches. We should tell them if we don’t respect to r god i.e. our coach then u ll never succeed in ur life. U should respect them from ur heart.

4. Some people think that if they achieved in their life , they think that they did it by their own. They forget their teachers from they learn their game. But teacher and hardwork go side by side.

5.We should motivate them by giving prizes to them. I think if u give them a small prize also they motivate by that also for eg .t-shirts, give coupons of something to them. If somebody is losing we should motivate them also, by saying that u can do it . U have done a graet job just now, now u can see it by doing more efforts u can achieved it.

6. We should tell them always think positive , never think negative.
If something is not done by u , u say to urself yes i want to do it.

7. Coaches and sports persons should watch sports videos of other countries . By this we know what r the techniques other countries r using .

I am having a lot of ideas but please comment on this.
I really want to help because this opportunity never come again in my life.
I hope u ll comment on it .

Ankita Gupta

Sushmita said...

hi Abhinav

First congrats to you for bringing a gold. You have very reseptful thought of helping and supporting other athletes. Also keep practicing and take care. I expect another Gold from you in the London Olympics and Commonwealth Games. I like you very very very much. All the Best to you for your future.


Ajay Rau said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
kalyani said...

Dear Abhinav,
i congradulate you for your historical success.In India most people prefer Cricket. In such a situation you have got a gold medal by surpassing hurdles.It is not easy to get gold medal in individual event.
Best wishes for next olympic!!!

Manish said...

Hey Abhinav,
You are right when you say that the time is now and that we all should contribute to this movement.
But the question is "HOW".How can a normal sports fan contribute to this vision of yours?
What I think is that we need to correct the situation at the grass root level,we need parents to encourage their children to take up sports more seriously.We need to get over the misconception that only an engineer or a doctor can make a career for themselves.We need passionate people to come forward and follow their dreams much like you did.We need to identify the talent at the school level and invest heavily.Basic education is what all a child really needs to carry himself in the society.I think that the mindset of the people needs to change.
Only sportspersons like you can bring about the change.We'll help you in whatever capacity we can.

madhura said...

hi abhinav,
first of all i want to congratulate you for bringing back a gold medal!!

i saw your match.
it was realy great to hear our natinol anthem in other country.
a saw all your interviews on channels.you are realy my source of inspiration for my study.I hear that you are opening a institute of shooting in your prize money. some people says that you doesn't have need for the prize( in some newspaper of my distict).But you point out your curiosity of devoloping more abhinav.After Khashaba Jadhav our first Bronze medalist you expanded our expectation from you.I want to ask you a question. Why you became a marksman? I mean that their are most fans of cricket in our country. and how do you practice for your game after your backache?I know it is very hard .After your inspirations you became my elder brother in my minds.I am trying to work hard like you. And again congratuletions from my district Pune , my state Maharashtra and me also.
Best reagards for your next gold medal in olpympic of London.
Good day!

Madhura Subhedar

lil mermaid said...

Beijing olympics left us with a message wat Determination , hard work n precise approach combined with ORGANISED MANPOWER can do.
1. so first v need to b united n small changes at all levels, in all people n in their ideas r required.
2. NURTURE younglings shud b inspired to play.( rather i shud use the word ALLOWED to play besides study)
3. BASIC INFRASTRUCTURE d schools at rural level don hav it n d so called sophisticated sculs like convents which hav , give you no time for sports.i myself used to hav only one sports period in 3 weeks.
4. Good coaching is not only imp at professional level bt at basic level as well..
5.FIND TALENT even the deepest and remotest areas have talent. what is important is to search them out and bring up the best.
6.BETTER PROSPECTIVES.d chosen talentshud b given better scholarships more incentives on gud performance n most of all assurity dat their hard work wil pay n not somebody elses 'SIFARISH'
7.INFRASTRUCTURE of inernational level which is really required.
8. N PLEASE sports shud b saved from dirty politics..i totally agree with your CEO plan. but they shud b allowed to make INDEPENDENT n right decisions..

lil mermaid said...

dear abhinav
what d need f time is people like you with revolutionary ideas shud TALK TO D MASSES. i think nobody else can clarify their FALSE NOTIONS abt sports than a true sports person himself...
I m sure people especially lil kids with HIDDEN DREAMS wil definately listen to their new idol.
and the rotten system needs to b rectified as well.. somebody needs to make the govt realize wat organisation and implementation at the very right point of time means..
they shud nt giv money just fr the sake of giving it n dat 2 only at a time wen somebody wins a medol bt a CONTINOUS FLOW with proper follow up dat is d money utilized properly shud b done..
today d concerned hav NO CHOICE BUT LISTEN to you... you hav taken a very noble initiative n MEDIA is d best way to get d masses along...YOU hav been SO SWEET to take dis initiative...BEST OF LUCK.

S said...

India is hell
Abhi wining a gold is not phenomenal!
It is simply an achivement.Don't pump up ur ego by telling in a country w no sports infrastructure....
Nothing ll change until the political issues are addressed&nothing can be done to address it as INDIA has internal enemies who far outnumber the friends.
The increasing population... the muslim agenda of making their population 51% to take over INDIA&the support of political party to guarantee that muslim votebank...
Don't even dare to compare china with INDIA!
or your gold with 80s gold of CHINA!Screplous comparisions don't help.

However pleasing slogans + things to do and no discrimination or distinctions etc come to be fact remains Increasing population due to MUSLIM POLITICS(however good it looks to remove word muslim and say otherwise - truth remains) is deathbell of INDIA!!!

INDIA is not only hell to live in but INDIANs are most money hungry,cheating,lying,drity race in the whole world eventhough in the good name this shouldn't be written.You can skip me as racists etc etc FACTS don't change

As galielio had said by him telling sun revolves around earth nothing will change in space.And earth will not become center of universe.

So I know what u'll do since u r smartass coming from rich family u'll gain as much popularity as u can

Then u'll start ABHI SHOOTING ranges and schools all over the INDIA making yourself more rich producing a few good or mediocere shooters!~

And if u r dumbass u will give all these free and rats called INDIANs will flock around u for entertainment most of them lacking dedication or will or hardwork; lazy as they are ; they only know how to clap hands ; and dream ; while creating realities opposite to their dreams

Indiany only know how to ask ask and ask but they are never giving. As soon as you are something they want you to give while they would be beggar hitting u for giving never contemplating what they have given.

With Corruption everywhere! With the INDIA polity and bureaucat moto 'I WILL HARASS U,HOW MUCH MONEY WILL U GIVE ME TO NOT DO IT' do you think you will reach anywhere?You ought to be a fool.I am not telling not try but come down to earth.

You are nothing ABHI don't fly in sky

This blackmailing in the name of Gandhi,in the name of INDIA,in the name of power,caste,creed,religion,money : until it stops nothing will happen

Sports is luxury of those who have their tummy full; or of those hungry who can't make their tummy full any other way

Indians have since long sold INDIA for money : that is why Brits and Muslims could conquer it.

Bottomline is every INDIAN out there wants to live like king of WEST by hook or crook.Let fellow men : fellow INDIANs go to hell: Let India go to hell: while not realizing at all that western standards of living have come through hard work,less population,care,dedication and non-jealous non-begging competitive markets with killer instincts

AND if ur hypocrite u'll criticize me but then as I said enjoy your editorship or money or whatever until it lasts.

INDIA is hell and will always be hell

Don't fly in sky there are people who have won 4 5 gold medals.Come down to earth your achivement is not phenomenal just a personal achivement.Surely it was achieved by you due to your qualities and at the same time due to your being rich

Accept everything or you can pretend forever INDIA INDIA INDIA INDIA like people pretend china is superpower.It will never be as it's people due to huge population can never have as much abundance personally as average european

Stop this hypocrisy of INDIA and INDIANs rising.You are nowhere will be nowhere

Femin Susan said...

your blog breathe taking with the photos. I wish I had a blog like yours,so wonderful........
meet me at

Vik said...

At least something is happening somewhere.Just read that Haryana government will be offering 2 crores to anyone winning Olympic medals.This is obviously for London Olympics ,but who is to say that the same government will be in power at that point and then again,they are doing it backward.I am not sure that's the right way.Nevertheless,certain things are happening.

Vik said...

LOL S,Thanks for your take on us Indians.You saved me a sleeping pill :P

mg said...

Hi abhinav,
it is a very good idea to introduce a corporate structure in sports. it has very strong merits of efficiency especially if there is no external influence and proper funding. the funding part is the one which is more difficult to attain, and so you rightly appealed that there be more corp. sponsorship for indian sports. it is certainly feasible, however, the scale to which such sponsorship is provided might be limited and not enough to sustain a full fledged sports program. now just a suggestion - Do you think that there can be any scope of pvt. sports school in india, something like pvt colleges, where certain amount of candidates can get in based on merit, while some rich kids get in based on their amount of donations ? it would provide a good platform for training promising sportsmen, while also ensuring a means for the sports school to finance its operation. i cant exactly say how effective it will turn out to groom good sportsmen, but it definitely is helping us to produce a lot of graduates each yr.

Deepika said...

i was excited a day before when i read u'll be the guest editor of TOI's edition!! and i loved every article of u!! :D and you're sooo right...our system needs drastic change..and the worst thing of all is..i read suresh kalmadi's interview in newspaper..n i was flabbergasted..he said its abhinav's opinion and sports should be run by politicians and bureaucrats!! i mean WTF?!! why do they want to ruin india's future?? youth must take sports seriously and they should adopt it as their career!! i really appreciate ur thoughts and WE the people of INDIA can only make this happen!!

impromptu said...

Dearest Abhinav,
All of us connect a person with a moment or an assumption... I connect you with that half punch you threw in the air after you won the Gold...Man o Man !! and my brain somehow connects with my dermal tissue and my hair seems to stand..Goose bums, Goosepimples, whatever ..the experience is very magical indeed....and all credit to you for such a wonderful experience.....
so Thanks and Congratulations once again!!!
Appreciate you trying to do something for the betterment of sports in the Nation.... Apart from being a marvelous sportsperson you seem to be a cool headed and composed logical thinker .. you do have the potential in you to lead this movement....
All my support and best wishes to you!

kritika182008 said...

Hi Abhinav, many many Congratulations first for bringing our First Gold medal at Beijing!!
I have read all of your interviews in newspapers and seen the ones you gave to various news channel. I read your Article in TOI and I absolutely agree with your Viewpoint.
Since ages our Nation has been eating, sleeping, infact worshiping Cricket despite having Hockey as the National game!! I am not against cricket personally or anything..but i think all sports should be given equal importance. I think its high time that Government should start taking steps towards enhancement of various other sports too. Better management system,various funding Organizations,and all those facilities and equipments should be made available to every sportsperson in our country.This way people too would feel encouraged to participate in other sports.
I hope this time Government awakens and get into action. I am really glad that i have been able to put my views through your Blog too.Some years back i wrote many letters to the Sports Authority of India and even various editors but all in vain.
In the end I would say that I really feel very proud that You, Sushil, and Vijendra belong to my Nation. Wish you all the best for the future!!

S said...

lol vik with whole country called INDIA sleeping!With governments transferring responsibility by announcing prizes rather than producing athletes!With harrasing,stupid,irresponsible junglee,corrupt, unpatriotic, selfish,mean, money hungry, publicity hungry, incompetent and incapable bureaucrats and more or less same type of majority of people who are foolish enough to worship anything having surname GANDHI it is a wonder you need sleeping peel :-p
You should be sleeping like kumbhkarna:-)) like rest of your INDIANS ;-))
It is a shame 1.2billion people talk but can't elect proper government to produce sports
It is a shame 1.2billion people have no flair of sports.
Padhoge likhoge to hoge safal
kheloge kudoge to banoge anari is still taught in the schools
It is evident the poor chap coming from affluent family who had his tummy full is trying trying and trying or pretends to be trying but kano pein jun tak nahin raingti

Are you sure you are even awake?lol :-p

There is nothing and no take to be taken in or for INDIA.

India takes its own take.

Digging its own graveyard

I am merely witnessing this huge comedy

Hope someday the national flag will rise

May be someday India will become true glory to its past will slumber from its chains of slavery

Until then good luck sleeping

lil mermaid said...

i m SORRY i m making dis coment on somebody elses coment.i jst cudnt help it.
it is said dat you can never cure d wound until it is revealed.

it is true dat 'S' tried to highlight some of d major problems dat our country is facing today.

we r a nation with prejudices, of caste relegion, etc...it is only wen every indian removes dem from their heart dat they can go....infact 'S' you r trying to create a new prejudice...'PREJUDICE FROM INDIANS'

CORRUPTION definately d most horrifying devil dat we r facing today...bt who is going to remove it ...yet again V...traffic police ko paise de ke chut jao, jobs, positions , yahan tk ki choti choti chize jaise passport ya driving license tk hum paise khila ke banvaate hain...all those reading dis coment wud agree dat sometimes or the other they too have done dis...come on people tum nai doge to koi kaise lega.....i know sometimes kehna aasan hai ,but please atleast start up wid opposing small things..ATLEAST DON KEEP D ATTITUDE OF JAISE CHALTA HAI CHALNE DO.

indians alwayz just ask...n luking towards d west ,etc partly true

how does it matters if abhi is rich ,or if he is flying in d air.. wat matters is dat he is trying to do gud..or actually trying to GIVE....please don try to pull his leg down...because hw so ever rich n immune abhi might think himself to b he is after all a HUMAN, n such coments do HURT...


S said...

To say anything as negative is again negativity
Truth is bitter
If it hurts let it hurt because it is only ego that is hurt
Change comes through awareness not by dreaming
Abhi is doing this doing dat
Not seen anything
His being rich did play an important part.Hence it matters.How many Indians can afforf $250K a year?These are all facts

Nobody is pulling abhis leg
Seems like merimaid you are flying somewhere in sky in your dreams like all INDIANS

It is just to bring abhi to ground from where reality or changes can happen

Your government refused to give abhi ticket to bejing

Had he not spent his money to go to bejing INDIA would have no gold

Is this the change you are expecting?

India has long black history of those who want to bring change being destroyed murdered or even made to suffer until they left the idea of change

If you care for change what step you are taking?Just writing I love you columns here

Will it help INDIA?

If your poor stupid brain thinks somebody is pulling abhis leg you better go to a mental asylum

Facts are facts

They are neither pulling

Or should bes are illusions of weaks

I am pretty sure abhi would agree to me and I am pretty sure with all you INDIANs and bureucrats around my so-called or blammed (in reality not) leg pulling will be pleasurable tickling to him


Stop being so negative blamming and pessimistic yourself merimaid

And read and understand what is being said

I told him come down to earth and be realistic.Is it hurting you because you are flying in dreams?with you INDIAN EGO

You should be ashamed of your thinking

lil mermaid said...

exactly ....S you r right..change does come by awareness n not by dreaming.....but who is going to bring dat awareness?
may b i tuk you wrongly ? may b i dint understand your prospective..

it is true dat people hav been murdered bringing changes...bt dat dsnt mean changes never happen...i m nt just talking about d independent era bt dayz far before as well.......the fire kindles in everyone ..it is just about who lights it harder and directs everyone thru d darkness...

Vik said...

S,I wish I had ignored your first post in the first place like the rest are doing.Anyway,goodluck with your vilifying mission.God bless you.

S said...

Vik surely, all u can do is ignore because YOU ARE INDIAN

You INDIANS have been ignoring everything since centuries,muslim invasion,corruption,filthy dirts on roads and the list goes on.

Surely, all you can do is to blame truth as vilifying and revolve in your wishthinking dreams.I wish /I wish / I wish lol

FACTS and TRUTHS don't change but they continue to haunt even though you sleep like kumbhkarna or ignore like an impotent clumsy nerd

God is always with truth and needs no blessings

God bless you vik as vilifying dead horrible ignorers like you need real blessings to come out of their horrifying realities and ignorance.

Blamming realities as vilifying mission is just an escapism so meticulousy interwoven in INDIANS

Nobody came and told you they are ignoring me!Since when you were center of universe, but it is so typical of INDIAN to put everything personal on behalf of everybody!Yawn such a manipulative game!!!!

Pigeon closes eyes when it sees cat lol

Merrimaid, for change there needs to be revolution revolution like Gandhi did

You can't depend on anybody or anything for it

As Buddha has said be a light onto yourself

Become light tell truth however hard it is

Fire kindles no merrimaid it doesn't dat's why there is no change

It is just show of fire that kindles

no history is any barrier for change

But awareness is must then follows action.

Unfortunately Indians have always been waiting for heroes rather than taking actions

They have been talking rather than doing

They have been using support for clandestine motives

When that day when you don't need somebody to ignite.When each will be lion not sheep following you will no more need to ask these questions

Shweta said...

hi abhinav
first of all a million congrats for achieving wat no one has been able to achieve all along.... secondly ur work as guest editor of toi was jus awesome... keep achieving more and more
i would be happy to get a reply from u soon in this mail id buttergirl_aries@hotmail.com

Payal said...

S,whoever you are you are ABSOLUTELY RIGHT!

Bravo and kudos to you for writing truth.

Don't even give any importance to people like Vik,they are themselves having vilifying mission of ignoring stark realities,living in dream world and sleeping so that the MISSION of true happy prosperous world power INDIA never materializes!

May God bless hidden traitors like vik

God give real blessings to people like vik etc to come out of their petty ignorance,slumber and dreams

Having traveled extensively everywhere in INDIA and WORLD I can only say one thing S

You are correct

You tell it as it is

To call your words vilifying mission is in itself vilifying mission of morons

By the way S how do you know India and INDIANS so rightly? You even have insight into games they play at psychological levels

Congrats Abhinav but come on ground.Don't fly.

A government which can spend millions of dollars to bribe MPs to win motion of trust but hesitates to pay 1000$ or 2000$ or less towards air ticket for its Olympic participant and future winner proves what it is!

Don't be surprised if same government comes into power and nothing changes.

When I go abroad and when I see INDIA all I can do is weep.You can't even imagine how bad INDIA and attitude here is of people.I don't want to write at length about personal incidences. All I can say is I see nowhere out of it but I hope I wish and I dream of a way out of it.

Whatever it is it is my INDIA.It is my people.I know my is ego yet may be they will realize what mistakes they are doing.

Have a great day

vetha said...

god!!!!these commenters !!!!may be if these ppl keeping writing at this length(abt issues not related to this blog)then u'll soon have a reason to quit blog!!!!!anyway u r avery practical person and would take these easy i believe......looking 4ward to ur nxt post...

Krish said...

God!!!I beg to disagree with you vetha.These people like vetha whose brain lie in their toes:-)they really don't understand a thing.
Issues related to them is to get entertainment and lick ass of Abhinav Bindra having pleasure in doing it as it nurtures their ego.They think they have won gold.
They lack the brain to even understand these issues are directly related to the issue of sports.They even lack the cognition that achievement of Abhinav is an individual achievement and not of nation.More so they lack even the faintest realization that world is laughing at our show of making somebody national hero out of 1 gold medal.May be INDIA really doesn't deserve gold that is why they are so surprised at it.STOP licking asses

Whole India should be run with a team of CEOs - professionals whose responsibilities are fixed- who are answerable and have to bring results

With people like you and vik who are vilifying TRUTH or things that can bring change surely this blog has no destiny.

In reality it is not possible as constitution doesn't allow it

Let us hope it will start from sports

Vetha if ABHINAV has brain and is practical he would take all those comments seriously and would accommodate them in his new plan that he is making

ABHINAV if you have any practical approach,any brain and any real sense of doing something read comments of S and think about them.

My advice to you is to be human not hero my dear abhinav.It is great you won gold but story doesn't end there.

Those who don't have personal interest are always bitter. They don't write their emails in hope of you contacting them.

rashmi said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
rashmi said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
rashmi said...

That 'NOW' in your title is very inspiring.
Well today I am in the 90's to comment, I feel bad about it. But anyways lets get to the point-I read your TOI article, also saw your interview on CNN IBN, BBC and some other channels.

Your TOI articles were very good, you did a good job there.
And also you did address some of the very important issues regarding the sporting conditions in India
NOW The Time has come to change face of Indian Sports.
I do agree that we need CEO's and we need a Vision. There are no short cuts to success, we need to work on certain things to gain Success.
A few suggestions
- Parents should encourage their kids to take up sports and they should back their kids, this is a thing that is not done very often in India.
- WE need to develop a Sporting Culture in India,the media and sport lovers can help in doing this!
- WE need to support our athletes through the thick and thin times, if a athlete wins everybody wants to bask in his/her victory.
But if a athlete loses then people just leave that athlete on his/her own condition
- Funds are often a problem in India, people can generate their own funds to support the Local athletes, funds can be generated through donations, people can organize Fund Raisers, even private organizations and the NRI people can help
- Corporate sponsorship - a very helpful thing.
- Like you said even Coaches should be trained and we need Good Coaches at the grass root level
- Like they say-
"United we stand, divided we fall" so we need to be united in this whole process.
- Instead of showering prize money on the winner after the victory (its not bad but),it would be more helpful if the Government spends money on training.
- We need more Sports Centers rather than shopping malls, all empty land is going to develop Shopping malls.

One more thing Abhinav, I think you should do endorsements-you can invest half of your endorsements earnings in supporting your plan.
Also if people see your face on television daily they will be constantly reminded of their Duty to SUPPORT THE ATHLETES.

I hope that the Commonwealth Games in Delhi will provide a boost to the sporting infrastructure.

Please read all the comments dear! and Let me tell you I really enjoyed reading the TOI and all your interviews.

and keep posting!!

Vik said...

Hey Abhi, just read another article (on you and Olympic sport) in the latest issue of Business Today! Seems like the corporate sector is keen on increasing investments in sport! There's indeed a steep curve to climb ,but the journey has begun :)Keep rocking man! By the way,although it'd be a waste of time ,you can check the IPs of people who are posting under different names from the same IP;-)

rashmi said...

That 'NOW' in your title is very inspiring.
Well today I am in the 90's to comment, I feel bad about it. But anyways lets get to the point-I read your TOI article, also saw your interview on CNN IBN, BBC and some other channels.

Your TOI articles were very good, you did a good job there.
And also you did address some of the very important issues regarding the sporting conditions in India
NOW The Time has come to change face of Indian Sports.
I do agree that we need CEO's and we need a Vision. There are no short cuts to success, we need to work on certain things to gain Success.

A few suggestions
1) Parents should encourage their kids to take up sports and they should back their kids, this is a thing that is not done very often in India.
2) WE need to develop a Sporting Culture in India,the media and sport lovers can help in doing this!
3) WE need to support our athletes through the thick and thin times, if a athlete wins everybody wants to bask in his/her victory.
But if a athlete loses then people just leave that athlete on his/her own condition
4) Funds are often a problem in India, people can generate their own funds to support the Local athletes, funds can be generated through donations, people can organize Fund Raisers, even private organizations and the NRI people can help.
5) Corporate sponsorship - a very helpful thing.

6) Like you said even Coaches should be trained and we need Good Coaches at the grass root level

7)- Like they say-
"United we stand, divided we fall" so we need to be united in this whole process.
8) Instead of showering prize money on the winner after the victory (its not bad but),it would be more helpful if the Government spends money on training.
9) We need more Sports Centers rather than shopping malls, all empty land is going to develop Shopping malls.

One more thing Abhinav, I think you should do endorsements-you can invest half of your endorsements earnings in supporting your plan.
Also if people see your face on television daily they will be constantly reminded of their Duty to SUPPORT THE ATHLETES.

I hope that the Commonwealth Games in Delhi will provide a boost to the sporting infrastructure.

Please read all the comments dear! and Let me tell you I really enjoyed reading the TOI and all your interviews.

and keep posting!!

don said...

Congratulations Abhinav for your Gold Medal achievement in Beijing and for representing your country so proudly.
Congratulations also for having the courage to give those responsible a serve for not doing enough for sport in your country.

Good on ya mate,
Don McComish
Western Australia

S said...

Hey abhi,it's great that nobody is lending support to coveted attempt of moron paranoid stupid called vik in his vilifying mission of latent blamming of truth as 'vilifying missions'
Oh poor vik,no support for your vilifying missions? or your paranoid lying attempts at making posts not in your favor as coming from same origination?lol
That's another laughable INDIAN cheating quality!

Hey abhi be careful of this cheat called vick who has no backbone even to show his profile least IP lol

So vik you are having no good luck?

Obviously because God and Good luck is with those who say TRUTH

Your blatant vilifying attempts and lies stand exposed


Anonymous said...

Dear Abhinav bhayya..

First of all,I like to convey my hearty congrats to you,for your efforts & for your achievements..The whole nation feels proud of you..bhayya..

Creating such a historical moment,
made our flag fly high much more,
raised our glory much more,made
the nation feel proud,and thus
you proved yourself,
as the son of Bharat matha..

Hats of to you Abhinav bhayya..
Hats off to you..

Then,to speak about the people's approach towards sports,it's natural that people goes behind the media-celebrated sports..NOW,the situation is that the media can change or atleast can cause a change to anything..So,I think that the media can surely raise this problem infront of the society so that people would think about this seriously and thus by making them aware of these problems,it would become a social issue and thereby the government will be forced to take necessary actions..

Once again congratulating you for your glorious achievement and
Wishing you the very best,

Max said...

Abhinav Bindra
Good you are writing blog.Congratulations for wining gold.
I have gone through some posts.I must say I agree with the comments made by many people including S.You can see people like vik are using every tactic possible including lies to defame real issues raised.
I will not use such a language as S is using but issues raised there are real.
You have formidable task seeing the facts S has mentioned.The task becomes even more formidable clandestine people like vik fighting without any real reason.
Shame on you Vik with your attempts to silence truth.
Your corporate world is famous at making announcements but doing nothing or very little.Your government is recognized world over as corrupt and cheat
Your people may be on the line of what S or payal described.It explains why your government,coaches,corporate world and officials are what they are.
I have visited your incredible India once.Heaven forbid,I would never like to visit this country of cheats,frauds,money hungry,poor filthy beggars and egoists except if I have to come for competition.
I disagree with S if you have a gold it is phenomenal achievement being an INDIAN and living in INDIA.It shows you have fought against the attempts of people in INDIA to make you failure.

queen_mars17 said...

hey i liked the edition!! gud job!!

Jayasudha said...

hai.congrats.being housewife i just got time to wish u.really u made all our indians proud.it was my long way dream to get gold medal and prove our self to other countries.hope your victory gives boost to our sports people and turn our public and goverment to other sports.please through your words and help our country to prove ourself again.thank you very much for all your hard work.we will work together to reach our goal. Regards, sudhathanish

syama said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
syama said...

hi abhee
congrats 4 making us all proud!!!
i dont've any suggestions to make as i'm total ignorant abt the sports field.
i'm syama, mbbs student from kerala. never ever i spend so much time on readin interviews or blogs...coz f our tight schedules.But i find it really worth listening u...its quite inspiring n motivating.After readin ur plans f setting up an academy for sports,i too aspire to contribute smtg for the sake of our nation by taking up a pg in sports medicine n joining ur firm.only that i can do from my limitations.
hope u'll kindly consider it.

Jayasudha said...

hai.congrats.being housewife i just got time to wish u.really u made all our indians proud.it was my long way dream to get gold medal and prove our self to other countries.hope your victory gives boost to our sports people and turn our public and goverment to other sports.please through your words and help our country to prove ourself again.thank you very much for all your hard work.we will work together to reach our goal. Regards, sudhathanish

harshgreatat15 said...

hey abhinav,
congratulations on ur gold
a mich deservin n a much awaited.
abhinav i m in a engineering clg in gujarat
nirma institute of technology.
i was planin to send you a gift wit d cograts n wishes of evry1 whu wants to wish yo 4m our clg.
so i can gt ur mailing address
i'd lov to proceed.
pl reply my email is

Shruti said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Shruti said...

Hello abhinav bhaiya.v all watched u on d tv when the national anthem was playing.it was amazing.in 2012 i will b in final yr of college but v will try to visit london olympics if possible but b4 dat v will meet u in chandigarh for sure :D Abhinav bhaiya is it true dat u r endorsing 5 products for two crores each ? i saw it here http://businesstoday.digitaltoday.in/index.php?option=com_content&Itemid=1&task=view&id=6880&sectionid=11&issueid=37&latn=2
u can use d money to train for more medals in london rite? can u post some of ur pics on ur blog ? dat will be very nice!!

Anil said...

Abhinav Aren't u tired of hearing good work.good gold.oh my great!
Aren't u the same abhinav.If u r Look at the posting S has done.His first post.Feel the immense amount of pain there,if u can.
Be a sportsman and read them
It is unfortunate megalomaniacs like vik who go to any length to prove their ego are trying to silence truth through lies or christening truth as vilifying.
Vik are u satisfied with ur personal vilifying mission of silencing TRUTH. U can't silence truth vik.People like u r responsible 4 downfall of INDIA
Abhinav I in totality agree with S
It is hard to find people who can speak truth
By the way vik I am writing from outside INDIA.My IP is 148.233.xxx.xxx(Don't need ur IP attacks).This IP is unique and one of its kind as my company has lease line.I challenge u 2 give IPs of so-called same post
Stop being a child and grow up2take comments opposite2urs.U r not even qualified2speak on sports vik as u hv unsportsmanlike attitude.
Positivity doesn't mean imagining.U can't satisfy urslef by imagining of food.U'll get more hungry.
Good luck abhinav
May u be blessed 2 hear real well wishers of INDIA who say truth however bitter it is

Vik said...

Hey S~Anil or whosoever you are :)I am assuming that you know the meaning of vilifying is to slander or speak ill of.Now if you scan (any and all) my comments,then you wouldn't find a single post where I have spoken ill of Abhi or anyone.As for you criticizing me,well,I don't mind that cus u have a right to ur opinion :)Carry on mate! As long as the person who truly matters has his eyes set on the target,it doesn't matter how bad "I" am,does it? So, as usual, I have no issues with ya.And as for me lying ,well, u can simply get the latest issue of "Business Today" magazine dated September 7th and look at 18th page with the title "Invest more in sports" and u'd know whether I was lying or not :).I welcome all ur criticism.

Anil said...

Well vik
I am anil and as to u,u may be a monkey or a jealous hypocrite or mouse or rat or dog or whatever it doesn't matter.Well as2ur paranoia u can be abhinav or whatever.S is not me
I'm so glad ur knowledge of english is so poor.Spread negative information about is the meaning of vilifying.It is different than slander.Whether u say negative or not whatever u have done about justifying ur ego & spreading lies or same IP or ur hidden meaning here2suggest that s or anil is same is enough of slander.Ur blames on S for writing truth as vilifying is in itself vilifying.
Abhinav is nobody2judge truth, yet I am sure he will feel it
Seems like u r not even aware of basic human rights forget meaning of words.
Just as u hv right2post ur opinion others hv.
U hv no right2tell them anything or comment on them as it's not posted in ur blog
Just chill out&be open
Be a sportsman
It's easy2clap but it's not that easy2cultivate sportsman spirit
How can u even qualify 2 call urself anything with ur insulting attitude of trying2ask people meaning of word vilifying without u actually knowing it
It just again goes2prove ur megalomaniac attitude 2wards ur fellowbeing & ur attempts2force ur opinions on others
U r shame on sportsmanship this blog and INDIA
I dont need ur permission2post here
So shud up&get lost2ur sleeping illusion
As2ur business2day yawn news dont speak of anything.It's their business2sell dreams.I hv not said anything about lying on that part but u hv been lying 2 prove others -who hv posted opposing u- as wrong.
I agree in totality with S
If u r not even aware of ur faults & r not willing2accept ur shortcomings & u r just dreaming & attacking those who say truth how far can u take INDIA or will u take INDIA is a question u must answer 2 urself
Indian corporations hv promised & said many things which they hv failed2do in reality.They r part of d same clandestine structure of xploitation.They do give money2political parties.
Anyways u need brain2understand it.
I'lld advise u 2 see europe.Stay there 4 three months & u'll know what S is talking. U r like frog of well
I don't know S whoever he or she is
But I agree to him
I'll be most happy person2see change or changes & am willing 2 support&work 2wards it
U can't keep ur eyes shut

S said...

Chill it out guys

The more you people quarrel the more you prove my first post right

I post it because I feel India is a country which deserves better position than what it enjoys.1.2 billion people.A change in gestalt and everything is changed.Instead you talk,fight,discuss,debate lol:-)

Truths don't vilify anything they simply expose things as it is.You don't need 1 hero called abhinav.We need every INDIAN to be hero.That is the vision.


anupriya said...

hey.. abhinav congrats.. but there is a question which i want u to answer..
as the guest editor of times of india why did u place cricket all ovr the sports page.. u culd have fer a change covered something different.. or u r lik d rest of the country - cricket crazy enough, to let this chance go?? i thot u would focus on somethin different being a sportsman ur self.. u would noe the need to create awarness about other sports as well..

Vik said...

Hey Anil, hmmm ,well,if vilifying someone isn't slandering then oxford needs modification mate and for that matter,even dictionary.com.I don't really care about your English or get into petty arguments,but if you get to judge my English after you say "I agree ""to"" him " ,then well....As for the condescending remarks and name calling that you indulged in,as I said,it doesn't bother me.The only reason I answered the previous time was to tell ya that,contrary to what you posted,I wasn't lying about the article on Abhinav in Business Today,Sept 7th,18th page.I commented on the first post of S because it seemed in bad taste and harsh towards Abhi and I felt it was unwarranted ,especially,after he won the country it's first individual gold medal.If you have the good of India at heart,then ,well,I have nothing against you.
And S,I appreciate your last comment! Way to go!

Anil said...

Vik ur post exposes again ur ignorance of English besides ur ignorance of INDIA.I guess ie d reason u started judging not only d english but S's post & started fighting phantoms created in ur illusions.
There's something called american english british english and international english
slander = Words falsely spoken that damage the reputation of another
vilify = Spread negative information about (verb)
As a noun vilification means slanderous defamation
Alas it's 2o much 2 xpect from u the meaning as per the context of verb or noun.
I'm not here2teach u english or play the role of nany 4 overgrown baby
Abhinav has won gold medal & what?
He'll earn & is earning out of it
He hasn't bought INDIA?
Nobody is immune
He is human
Stop worshiping&let him lead his life & lead life of other sportsman if he wants to
There is sum problem w ur understanding vik,I'm sure ur friends or family lld tell u dat bcus I hv never 2ld u liar in reference 2 ur business 2day post
I don't consider just bcus sumbody has won gold nobody can say anything2him 4 betterment of INDIA or betterment of him
Truth is truth it's neither bad taste nor harsh
Let abhinav be prepared2digest everything if he has any role 2 play
There r many people who hv even said2me dat abhinav spent 1crore every year on his training.In dat amount he culd hv got education 2 many poor.
As I said everybody has right2his / her opinion.
U need not play role of lawyer 4 abhinav
Yes S's 1st post is a little provoking but there is truth in it
Go&face d world urself & India's officials & government & u'll realize.U must be cocooned in some gr8t parental atmosphere 2 even realize what it's 2 deal with these monsters
I hv nothing against anybody.
Abhinav is capable enuf2defend himself

Vik said...

Vilify (verb)= Slander Try this Link
Ah,it's getting a little boring and childish playing purist,but then u say all that as if your grammar in the comment I referred to,was perfect.(Although,none of that really matters and discussing that would be digressing from the real issue on hand).Well,you are right that Abhinav can defend himself and I might have been carried away in attempting to defend him against those provocative remarks,as you put it,but I felt he didn't deserve that.We all are aware of deep rooted problems within the Indian system and that's why,when someone is attempting to bring about a change,it only felt right to support the guy to the hilt rather than say things that might demoralize him.And then again, after considering what you just posted , I do realize that people have different perceptions and Abhinav is quite capable of making up his own mind on such opinions.I'll let that be.Btw,I respect your opinion about using those funds on education of the poor sections in our society and it's perhaps that part of you comment where you won me over.Glad that you pitched in!

lil mermaid said...

if we cud PRIVATIZE or atleast SEMI PRIVATIZE sports...
like v wittnesed d 20 20 criket...it was a great success cause diff zones were competing...n it was fun to watch ...

in a similar way diff sports can be privatized by dividing dem into diff zones...this will not only pour in money but also organize the things in a better way...it will giv sports a larger platform...
i dn know hw vague that idea was but jst wanted to share..

i just read an article where you said that wen your gun was down YOU DID NOT FOCUS ON THE PROBLEM BUT THE SOLUTION
all of us know the problem... v just need a blow to realize it..n den wat is even more imp is to focus ourselsves on the SOLUTION...
i truly believe it can happen wen v all start with 'I'

Anil said...

I'm writing here informally I don't care4grammar/spellings or ur words.Though I can prove my point right anywhere abt english.In any case even if u count the meaning as slander it was 2o much 2 say 2 S when he highlights truth.The core.It's time we encourage ppl speaking truth
Whether abhinav is doing real things,whether he is capable or whether he is just pretending2gain money&support it all has2be seen.Don't be naive.
More so if he gets demoralized by little words or truths abt system or what other sports persons hv done lol I doubt he lld even hv strength 2 last with the system,least changing it.
U can't even dream abt the harassment govt&govt officials subject u 2 while taking ur own money
U r not even aware.U think u r aware
W ppl dying of hunger, do we need bankbalance of our corporates&ministers in switzerland?Or 2 billion house in Mumbai?Or farm houses of big guys&govt officials?dats something we need2answer 1st
As S has said all gestalt needs2be changed.
D mismanagement d mess d way ppl elect d whole economy - which is in ruins - d system all need2be luked differently
Ppl who work dont bother abt comments
If comments hv truth which S's comment hv they bring such a person 2 fore n correct themselves
If abhinav doesnt hv this capacity u can 4get abt change or anything or even abt his fighting etc it culd all be a show.
Kabir has said
Nindak nede rakhiye

Vik said...

Yep,I remember the Doha (...Aangan kuti Samaye.) and point well taken Anil.The only focus has been on attempting to find a solution.As the lady (Lil mermaid) put it-"Living in solutions" because we all have seen the darker side.I admit that there's always a possibility of someone breaching the trust,but the possibility only arises if public money is used,not when corporates are involved cus they'll only put their money based on sound investment advice and they'll watch it like hawks because ,at the end of it all, they are in it for hardcore profits for which they'd need those athletes to succeed(win medals->no less)That's one reason I was taking mistrust out of the equation and to be honest ,I feel guilty to be discussing this here on Abhinav's blog because ,call it what you might,my instincts trust the guy who has the nerve to criticize the system despite having participated within it's means.

The suggestion of a structure mirroring the leagues as in IPL came up once and I felt it'd work pretty well for Boxing and wrestling,due to the crowd involvement ,and probably even for shooting and could cough up short term profits for investors through marketable television rights,but these are speculations ;what worked for cricket might not necessarily work for other sports.However,as the saying goes, you never know till you try..

s said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anilz said...

Hi Abhinav,

We are seriously tired of hearing abt the system n corruption n everything. N showing helplessness is a act of cowardice. Its a gr8 thing tht u have stood against it. I think the time is ripe to hit the bulls eye. India is not the same country as it was. U r the torch bearer, as anything u say wudn't go unnoticed. Pls make this moment a force by persuading the former olympians n sport lovers. My suggestions. Hope u read them.

Raising funds

1) Pls approach the sports ministry as Mr. M S Gill is also keen on improving sports. But pls DONT bank on them. They do have their obligations. The crap system u c.

2) Pls Approach corporate houses. Ppl like Ratan tata, Mr Narayana Murthy, Mr Premji etc. might as well want to help. Ur brand value will surely help.

3) NRIs n NGOs wud play their part too if approached in the right way. N we ppl too wud contribute in whtever way we can. N some fund raising programs n things like tht won't hurt either.

4) As Rajdeep Sardesai pointed in one of his blog abt each IPL team sponsering a game is a gr8 idea.

Finding Talent n Nurturing them
1) Teams can be formed for respective games. Headed by a CEO as u said, for accountability. They have to go to the remotest of the villages, school n colleges and picking the best of the talent avilable. Everyone will accept tht we have dat in abandence, its jus needs to be unearthed.

2) Show them tht sports can be career too. This is very imp as most of us, indians are not averse to this. Tell the poor dat sports can be their livelihood too. Change the psyche in short.

3) Coaches n trainers form the integral part of a sports person's career as u knw it.

Finally .....

There is lot of talent in india, its jus needs to be reached to and shown a platform to exihibit their skill.


Dhruvi said...

hey Abhinav,
Congratz for bringing us glory n 1st evr gold to INDIA!! v cant tel u how mch proud v felt wen v heard 'JANA MANA GANA' at Bijing Olympics bcuz of u.
hats off to u Abhinav!!

gomathyaiyer said...

hello abhinav

Congratulations! I salute your perseverance , your attitude and body language brings into my mind the man portrayed by Rudyard Kipling in his poem IF.

I would be more proud and ecstatic about the young Indian,Abhinav Bindra when you contribute to the sports infrastructure(as you said in an interview on cnnibn) and do constructive work to identify sporting talent in the country,i understand its the governments duty to do so but you can take initiative and MAKE A DIFFERENCE!.I understand India is a country where its a herculean task to bring about a change in an existing system even if its positive,every time i see the boys in our countryside jump into the river,i wonder if atleast one of them could get the exposure,i happened to visit the 'worldclass' mysore infosys campus off late,they have decent badminton,tabletennis,snooker facilities,cant they open it for the sporting talent in the country?

I believe you have the guts to be the change to bring about a change.
Please read through my blogs as well whenever you get time.

A fellow young Indian who has to be satisfied of meeting the country's most eligible bachelor virtually:(

Gomathy A Iyer

Shweta said...

hey abhinav
how r u???
congrats for ur gold medal again!!!!
its something that will always stay in every indian's mind...
and congrats for the honorary doctrate that u r gonna get in chennai on 7th sep..
hailing from chennai i am very happy that tn govt is doing something really good...
keep up the good work and achieve more and more in the years to come and the entire india will always support ur journey!!!

Sachin Palewar said...

Hi Abhinav, its good that you are already thinking of contributing to Olympic sports and willing to help anybody who needs it. Since you are inviting suggestions from readers, being a techy I can only suggest of using latest technologies and gadgets to support the efforts and training of athletes.

I think all the athletes should use latest softwares to keep track of their training and performances on daily basis and probably their coaches can analyze all the info using interactive graphs and charts and plan the future routine.

Does not understand much about sports so just babbling what came to my mind. Keep up the good work.

geetika said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Acharya said...

Hello Abhinav .........

geetika said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
BaeDoona said...

Maybe if we stopped focussing so much on cricket and started focussing on other sports then India would do better. I really want to see other sports (especially athletics) take precedence. Sorry I didn't say shooting, but anyway thats just my 2 cents worth.

priyanka said...

ok, at the cost of sounding unrealistic, let me put forth my idea :-). start private academies. Raising funds from corporate world will be easier than digging it out from govt bureaucrats. also, i am sure some fund can be raised from public. also, you can insist all those brands who need ur endorsement to sponsor the cause. call that a blackmail if you want to :-D. Take these academies to schools. Do tie-ups with schools and arrange for inter school competitions. sounds outrageous, does it?

cheers and chins up

Anonymous said...

Hi! congratulations for both winning a medal and being an inspiration. The TOI edition in which you were the guest editor was very good. I am 15 and i have been inspired by you to be a shooter but as it is there are no facilities. If you start a shooting area, will you help me?You can contact me through my mail i.d(dcrazyme@gmail.com). O.K, now bye and congrats again.

geetika said...

Hi Abhinav,
I was ur junior in Stephens..read ur post n thot shd contri..
well i think u shd start an institute 4 trainin the athletes wid the prize money u got !! also wid a very nominal fee.. so tht its affordable to all...which is the most imp thing...it'l be a stepping stone 4 all aspiring athletes...
think abt it..

s said...

hello abhinav,

congrats for ur gold medal..its really a great n proud moment 4 all of us.I read abt ur TOI column and its really heartening to know the plight of indian sports.I hope u recently got in touch wid boxer somendra tomar who is ready to sell his medals n arjuna award for the sake of living.Its really a sad part of indian sports.but i hope u can act as a torch bearer for all our indian sportspersons and would strive to get the real value they deserve to get in our country and for this WE R ALL THERE FOR U..
take care
enjoy urself

swati gupta

Ajay Rau said...

Hi abhinav,

I am the only civilian at the moment competing at the highest level abroad for the past 2 years.
as i dont follow in the scheme of things as i am not in the forces i never have never recieved funding and often pushed aside...cheers and really hope to hear from you....ajayrau2012Olympiccampaign.blogspot.com. and you aint a loser atleast you made something of your life while there are so many who just wate their lifes but you are absulutely true there is alot more to life but you only get to experience sport in a very small part of our lives and only a few people take complete control of it

kritika182008 said...

Hi Abhinav, I think till now u have received an overwhelming response from people. It shows people are there to help out with the present situation with their ideas, suggestions, solutions, opinions, etc etc., I think everything here said can be put down into paper but the most important of all is to put these ideas to work..we need an organized and well equipped system with minus all these corrupt ministers and bureaucrats. I am sure there are many Abhinavs out there who do not have ways and means to achieve their aim. A proper Uniform System is required.

Mina Jade said...

Congratulations of being a guest editor of the Indian Times. It is great itself!

You does not sound like an old man, someone who wants to make a change is young and looks in the future.

Best wishes to the editing of the Times,
Mina Jade

yedde said...

Hey Guys, Abhinav, Vijender and Sushil are truly our Indian Heros. They have made our country proud. I have made a special wallpaper as an expression of thanks to them. You could download it from my blog.


Niranjan Adyar

Manbir said...

Dear Abhinav,
First of all congratulations for ur stupendous feat. U have done what every Indian dreamt but no one achieved it.I have been reading about ur achievements in papers and i was always hopeful that u can do it. Many many congrats! I have watched ur interviews on TV. It seems that u are more matured than ur age. Buddy this is the time to enjoy life. Have good time then do what u do best....Shooting!
God bless you...

Amrinder S Dhillon

anmol said...

hi abhinav,
this is my first comment on ur blog
first of all i wud like 2 congratulate u and d odr 2 indian medalists at beijing...
i am a little dissapointed with u..
it is because when u won d gold medal u never thanked ur coach and dat makes me feel sad and i was made aware of dis by my principle ms. suman kumar of bluebells school new delhi
and i was a lil shoked aftr i cme 2 knoe bout dis.... i hope u will thank ur coach in public once thru ur interviews or ur posts or thru newspaper... odrwise ur a gr8 and a true sportperson all d best 4 future

thanking you

Abhilasha said...

please post in some latest...we're waitin......

Pan said...

We would like to know your interests other than sports.You surely ought to have some.I mean its not like you practise all day and night.If you don't mind could you please also say something about younger days.I'm just too curious like everybody else too know more about you

Vik said...

Dear Abhi,

Hope you will update your blog sometime soon,if time permits.

Take care

rashmi said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
rashmi said...

Waiting for your next post!!!
Please try and update your blog soon

Good Luck & take care

queen_mars17 said...

this is in relation to one of ur interviews where u said "u
hav nt done anything bt shooting"( Sorry abt getting so personal wid ur life bnkt DUDE honestly do u think u r a LOSER..) i think u r very lucky to find something that u gave ur heart and soul to.v all think the grass is greener on the other side.. there are thousands who look at u n think that they hav done nothing in life.every one thinks that HE HAS NOT DONE NYTHING IN LIFE...(SORRY IF U WERE OFFENDED WITH THIS POST BT CUDN'T HELP MA SELF..)CHEERS!!!

itimalaviya said...

Hi I am Iti Shree from Times of India, Lucknow. I would be obliged if you could answer a few questions for the first anniversary issue of our Banaras edition. Whe and how may I contact you.
Take care
Times of India

rubina said...

hi abhinav ............ saw ur article in the newspaper n i just wanted 2 say dat even im a shoter n ive just begun ab8 2 mths ago ......... just wanted 2 say thnx 4 being such an encouraging idol

Anonymous said...

Dear Abhinav,
Congrats on winning the gold! We are all very proud of you.

I think setting up a sort of trust fund to help out deserving athletes or using this money to setup good training facilities might be a good way to start

It might not sound practical, but it is. I mean if we Indians can spend 2 bucks on every SMS for voting on those stupid talent shows on TV, why cant we donate the same amount to support an athlete!

We all should seriously consider this! If we

swathi said...

hi abhinav,
pls do post once u can make time,
Ur time now is real precious spend it as judiciously as possible,hope u succeed in taking sports in our country to a better level... all of us r really hopin to contribute

Sherel said...

waiting for your next post...

so check out my blog too...its all about me n u...;)


thanks abhi

Srividya said...

Hi Abhinav,

Congratulations on the medal :)! Thank you so much for bringing honour to each and every one of us. I'd also like to congratulate you on never giving up on your passion. You stuck to it, and it has paid off ... and HOW! :)

Thanks a ton again dude. And keep going.
Hyderabad, India.

Srividya said...

Hi Abhinav,

I'd like to congratulate you on your achievement. Thank you for bringing home the gold :). But more than anything else, I'd like to congratulate you for sticking to your chosen goal. With all the comforts that you've, you could've chosen something else ... very easily. But you stuck on. And that's why this moment is yours to cherish for eternity.

I've been reading all your articles in every known paper... watched most of your interviews. And you, my good man, have wisdom beyond your years. I'm happy for your entire family and friends 'coz they've the pleasure of knowing you better than anyone else ... and hence are the proudest people on this earth right now:). And happy for every one of us ... 'coz we've the distinction of bearing the same nationality as Abhinav Bindra. Thanks a ton for everything dude.

Keep going.

Mina Jade said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mina Jade said...

We are waiting eagerly to read your next post (even in Times).

Mina Jade

Ashok Kadam said...

ABHINAV, checkout CLUSTRMAPS gadget which i use in my blog. I suggest you also to use it. It looks nice to see the visitors to your blog from all over the world.
I will be very greatful if YOU comment on my posts.. thanks in advance..keep rocking.

Pan said...

Please do update your blog.We are all waiting for the next post :)

site dedicated to Princess Leslie Love Tripathy said...

man,you are amazingly incredible and so thoughtful

Mina Jade said...

Pan: it is a great idea, we would like to see something of the personal interests.

Santiago said...

hi thala!
felt great when i heard the national anthem for the first time in olympics in my life time. it was reverberating. thanks for making us proud. i want to make india proud too. i wanna have a go at the next olympics. can u guide me to any academy in bangalore? im planning to start training by feb 2009, i ll be in bangalore from then on.
no worries if you are not able to reply, i can understand you cant answerr to all, but thanks for being available for public :)
cya at london :)

๑۩۞۩๑♥V♥๑۩۞۩๑ said...

India won two gold medals at Beijing Olympics


Amit said...

Congrats dude. More than your exploits in the olympics i was impressed by your cool demeanour, balanced outlook towards success and failure. I believe you have it in you to inspire and guide young generation of sportsmen in the right direction. All the best. Bask in the glory. Success is all yours.
amit ghildiyal (NJ, US)

Anonymous said...

I think the improvement of Sports in India should begin from the grass root level which means schools .Government should set apart some money for better sports infrastructure in the schools so that they can pick out the talented from a young age.

Vik said...

Your blog is being featured on CNNIBN.Hope you get used to the celebrity status sooner rather than later.

Anndy said...

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Nidhi said...

Abhinav I saw ur talk with prabhu chawla. You have that winner’s composure. Really.

SUGGESTIONS I would like to give to change ourselves and our sports are:

1. Infusing of the killing instinct.
2. Of course the best should be given place rather than the politically approached.
3. We have a lot many youths in our villages who are amazing in sports but they are not encouraged to go ahead. We need to bring them forward.
4. I read in TOI last week that a girl from some village in Bihar is good in shooting or I don’t remember in archery and has also won some medals. Though I cannot contact her being a student and busy with my judicial studies but at least you shall provide her some facilities. She is very poor.
5. We Indians play by heart, I am not talking about you I know your mind set up is not like that, but yaw that’s the fact. So they shall start playing by mind also.
That’s all I have to say.

Dharmteja Mansingh said...


Keep Posting regularly.
Its a treat for the fans who read them.

Abhilasha said...

my question is for vik..just read ur comment...can u tell me exactly as to wat were u talking abt the blog featuring on cnn ibn ?


Vik said...

Hi Abhilasha,

It's a newspiece about Abhinav@cyberspace where a few of Abhinav's blog posts (this blog) and his facebook profile were being aired on CNN-IBN.Actually,more than once.In brief,it was making the point that he is a trifle less reserved online than offline and it also featured contributions of fans to Abhinav ,one being a shooting cyber game. I can't recall the name of the anchor ,but her surname is Paul.Hope that helps.Shhh..don't tell Abhinav I told u so;-)


Mina Jade said...

I must agree with Pan again. Please update, we wait for new ideas and thoughts!

Manish said...

Hey Abhinav,
what's keeping you so busy?
where is the next post?
Waiting eagerly for that.
Please post it soon.p

Vik said...

Thought this is something worth sharing : Bullzye The guy gets asked to stop the game if he asks for Rs 100.

Btw,I can't fathom why Billiards isn't an Olympics sport.

Abhilasha said...

thanks a lot vik

Pan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Pan said...

Please do set aside sometime for blogging.Now that you've got us all on tenterhooks it is disappointing to see no new posts.

Kabeer Arora said...

hand pick few sports - cheap fun easy to setup and create an organization with volunteer and sponsored manpower and money

Sports like

1. Beach Volleyball
2. Shot put
3. disc throw
4. boxing
5. wrestling
6. swimming
7. shooting - since u r experienced


have local leagues and price money

i can setup a WEBSITE which will bring NRIs to put up award money for league games

everything should be measured against world records and current best scores and all participants should be in 6-15 years of range


suchita said...

hey Ahinav.congrats.thank u so much for that wonderful gold medal u got for India.u r doin really great for Indian sports.u have not only inspired people from the athletic background but many others who don't relate to sports at all.i am not an athletic person.i am in 10th class nd i was quite confused for my future career thanks to u i came to noe wat i want to do.i read most of ur articles and interviews talking alot about your hard working which also pushes me to work hard coz u hve becum my role model.

ur biggest fan!
Suchita K

Sherel said...

hey abhinav heard that there was an earthquake in chandigarh too...

hope u all r fine

tc of yourself...

Deepika said...

abhinav!!! where r u???? i await ur new post!!!!! :( :(

kritika182008 said...

Hi Abhinav, v know that u r busy but at least find a few minutes from ur schedule to write another post.

Bala said...

My heartly congrtulation for reaching one of the milestone of your dream(Gold medal in olymbic).i saw one of your interview in the news channel.i understood that you are complete persion with cool and never die attitude to accomplice what you dreamt.

By chance if you read my post.i require few answers.which will help in buildind myself.
1.After achiving great high in the life also how could u react so calm and focused?

2.even though you are from rich family why did you choose this sport in your life path,instead of live in a comfortable way,though your not certain of great highs initially.. what would you say to your mind while you met your lows in the path?to keep you motivate

if can reply the answers to invitebalaji@gmail.com... u r answers are valuable to me.

An aka Antara said...

Thank you so much for making India proud!My heart felt congratulations to you for winning the gold medal!
i am not much of a blog-reader. neither do i have time to what with all my studies :P
but yeah...i AM interested in reading this one for sure
btw i am a teenager...
i have been through all your articles and found them really excellent...what you say about the government taking action is so true
but what about parents? parents are still so worried about their child's stability in life...they want them to become either an engineer or doctor
and frankly speaking people really can't afford to actually arrange for such sports...i know my parents can't...and i am not saying i am not well-off...i am...but u can guess what i mean to say
maybe having a career as a base is great...but once people get into these lines and earn money,parents start discouraging them from following any other goal they like...
and honestly speaking i dun want the same engineer or doctor tag on me...anything but that!
so all i can say is that the govt should obviously take measures...but sometimes its of no use if the parents to try to understand their child's wishes
but you are doing a great job! inspiring people,instilling in them a new spirit...its lovely

wish you all the happiness in life


Saheli said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
vidhi said...

hello dr.abhinav bindra, wow congrats fr ur doctorate.keep roking! :)

Saheli said...


this is SAHELI BHATTACHARYYA from kolkata. First of all i want to congatulate u Abhinav for winning the first individual gold medal for India.What a greatest job is done by u!we indians are so happy and so proud about u......u know and can feel better than me.U have a strong determined mind...your eyes say about this....and there are so many greatest achievements like this will be waiting for u in the future.GOD be always with u Abhinav.I and we indians want more Golds from u in each and every olympic and i know YOU, YES, YOU HAVE THE CAPABILITY TO DO THAT. Don't take it otherwise, i just express my wishes to u Mr. Avinav.Truely ,u increase our expectations.Everybody has emotions,somebody expressess it,somebody don't.But HOW U CONTROLLED UR EMOTIONS IN THAT TIME?AND HOW DID U OVERCOME FROM THE phase of DEPRESSION?I missed my FIRST CLASS IN M.Sc.(in Economics from Calcutta University)for only 4 marks in this year.And u cann't imagine what kind of pain i have in my heart for this! i don't know WHY i am unable to reach my goal everytime?DO U TELL ME WHAT IS THE HIDDEN MANTRA OF SUCCESS? I WANT TO ACHIEVE IT AT ANY COST BUT IN AN HONEST WAY.I know u r unassumably busy but still waiting for ur suggestions.u can mail me at
hope u will help me. One question to u Abhinav do u have a coach whose surname is BHATTACHARYYA?

Vik said...

Congrats on the Honorary Doctorate Abhi!!! :)Are ya the youngest in India now ?:D Gotta Google it!

Jasmine Kahlon said...

Hi Abhinav

There is no dearth of sports lovers. I live in Canada and my 20 yrs old son has just decided to quit studies, much to my consternation, and go back to India, in order to join a Cricket academy. There are several people out there, like myself, in the same situation.

We need to have way more training facilities for all the sports, in India. These should be geographically spread out and should fulfill the needs of the players. Entry into these facilities must be based on skill level. We should focus on the many different sports instead of just the two/three main ones. Investment into growing the infrastructure is needed. Politicians should be prohibited from having anything to do with these facilities. Instead of nominating people to run these facilities, we should go through a proper hiring process and only the best qualified should be picked.
Well thought out and mutually beneficial contractual agreements should be drawn up with the hired management and players. More and more tournaments should be held at all levels and the recognition process must be devised. We will need to solicit corporate support to meet our objectives instead of relying on corrupt govt support, for which we end up paying a heavy price.

Vik said...

Just heard about the new Chennai sports facility.Great going Abhi!

Abhilasha said...

dear Saheli...yeah,Abhinav does have a coach whose surname is Bhattacharya...Amit Bhattacharya, he has been his psychological coach for almost 12 years.
u can check out the following link for verification :


Pan said...

Congrats for the doctorate!

Abhilasha said...

hey abhinav...congrats for the doctorate...in fact ma cousin is persuing a course frm the same university!

HARSHA said...

Heya Abhinav,
First of all , CONGRATULATIONS!!!(I know you must have got bored by hearing the same thing again and again, but can't help it.)
This is Harsha from Vadodara, Gujarat. I'm 14 and surely a great fan of yours. And I think you are correct when saying that now it's we, the gen-x who can bring a change here. I truly agree that while we Indians regard cricket as a religion, we do neglect other sports.Now, I hope that our government listens your voice, and promote all other sports equally. Dude, you, Vijendra and Sushil Have made us Indians proud and I hope you continue to do so.

Just one request. Now that you are in the lime light, and the heart throb and the Icon of the "YOUNGISTAN", I want your help in bringing it to the notice of the masses, the Indians, that it's time for us all to sensitize towards our earth, our environment. I know it's something totally away from your field, but please help me if you can. I want to make more and more people to b aware of what's going to happen to us in the long run. This is a request from me.

Hats off to you!!!

Abhilasha said...

can anyone of you tell me if the doctorate article was published in any Delhi-based newspaper...if yes,plz tell me the name of the newspaper and the page no....i'll be thankful

thanx once again,

Deepika said...

congrats on the doctorate! and no news channel aired this news :(

Vik said...

Hey Abhilasha,

Here's the electronic version : TOI


Aurosikha said...

Hi Dr.abhinav bindra. Congrats on your doctorate.Waiting for your next post eagerly. Pl post soon.

raji said...

Hi abhinav how are u.. congrats :-) for receiving Doctorate

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