Abhinav Bindra's Road to Beijing

Monday, August 25, 2008

Monday, August 25, 2008

The show is over!!

Monday, August 25, 2008 – 7:45 AM
The show is over!! the closing ceremony was magnificent and i enjoyed watching it on tv. It was amazing to see all the athletes so relaxed and enjoying themselves. Performing at the top level always isnt really fun!! there is so much pressure to perform, expectations to live upto , facing your fears and doubts and yet one has to find a way out!! 
Now the big question for most athletes is what next!! The Olympics are every four years , but for the athlete its everyday!! Many would go back to training and start to persue their dreams.  Its amazing - no body will talk about beijing now - all the focus will be on London.
I really hope everybody in India enjoyed watching the games.  Just one message for all today and that is TO ADOPT OLYMPIC SPORTS AS A WAY OF THINKING AND SUPPORT YOUR FUTURE ACHIEVERS WITH ALL YOUR GOOD WISHES!!
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Anonymous said...

Hey, just because the hullabuloo is over doesn't mean you stop posting, okay? The show really must go on :)

Amit Vyas said...

"The Olympics are every four years , but for the athlete its everyday!!",
very well said. looking at the top quality of performance put in by them, also to see the pressure mounting on them.

Jill said...

I said in the earlier post-comment, that an athlete's regular account of life gives more inspiration to people like us who idolise sportsmen...So U jus can't stop writing. Dis is one of my most fav blogs, and I really wanna continue readin whatever u write.

音速小子 said...

Four years is too long for an athlete, but too short for a city or country. So lets work hard and best wishes to dear Indian friends, for Asia!

Praveen G K said...

Mmmm....yeah very true!!!
Sometimes, I find it so strange that an athlete practises all his life just to live that moment - the moment of achieving something for the country. But, he has to put up that very dedication everyday between two Olympics!!! Whew, what an emotional stress!!!

What beats me more is that, most of the events don't even last more than 2 minutes. The 100 m finishes in ten seconds, and your career is decided, and you have to live with it forever!!! So difficult to come to terms with!!! Ten years of effort in ten seconds!!!

reachme said...

What you said is right but don't you think that to improve our country's performance in olympics our government should also do something to help our athletes. I watched "ultimate olympics" on discovery and was really impressed how other countries were helping their athletes ,I mean they do everything from using technologies to providing them with their own doctors to take care of them to improve their athletes' performance.And also the schools should encourage sports so that a child has overall development and should recognise the talent(if it is) in the child and groom them, like Michael Phelps wasn't good in studies but he has done an awesome job in olympics.-Nikita

neo said...

hey abhinav,
why dont u encourage some other fellow shooters 2 start their own blogs.i think apart from ammunitions and infrastructure,they also need our support and encouragement in both good and bad times.
also,we'll get 2 hear more abt shooting competitions.media doesnt give much coverage 2 this sport,so otherwise v wont get 2 hear and learn more abt shooting.
i hope u'll keep us posting abt ur future plans and competitons u r appearing for.

harshdeep kaur said...

hi abhinav ,
evrybody will take something from your message.i want to you ask that how would you keep your self so calm? & when will you start your shooting practice?

Anonymous said...

hai sir, is olympics is the one and only thing in the world? nothing beyond that?

....Abhilash.... said...

Hello Abhinav!!!

Is there any possible way that you can start up a non-profitable/profitable private sports organization which will facilitate the young talents with all that is required to groom and nurture their talent to a world class level????

I think there are a large number of sports loving Indians in and outside the country who are ready to put in money for such an organization.

Especially after this has been the best olympics for India ever. And before the athletes and olympics die of form the notice of the media and people something has to be done.

I hope you read this comment and think of this or something alike which will give all the support we can give to the young talents and up the standard of India in other sports as well.

Take care and keep blogging!!!

Femin Susan said...

Hey,"The Olympics are every four years , but for the athlete its everyday!!",
So Lets all work hard $ lead INDIA to victory. meet me at my blog


Anonymous said...

Hi Abhinav,

All the post till now have been Olympics relate. We would like to hear few other thing as well from you. :)

vetha said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
swapnaja said...

olympics are truly after 4 years . but preparations for the next olympics should begin at the earliest . so that the next time we can bag atleast ten medals . this probably would be the best time as the focus still remains on olympics . China has done a marvellous job , i wish the olympics at London are no less . also wishing that you repeat this feat in London again .
it's good to see that you managed shooting with studies . but what about those many who lose out on any one due to the other . at such times parents also wish for their children to excel in academics . can't blame them right ? they are praying for a secure future for their child . with the change in the outlook towards sport hope this situation changes soon ...
best wishes

Pradhan said...

Yes Mr. Abhinav , its a long wait until the torch comes to London...But i believe you guys will be in action soon in the World Championships, Asian Games, Other Tournaments continually making our India proud...Keep the tempo going..!! All the best wishes and regards...By the way, why don't you write something about your new car :) ???

nisha said...

olympic games are over but that doesn't mean that your job is also over.
keep posting blogs....

congrates for your new car,"the car is looked wonderful when you stand next to her,& i hope she is also feels proud that she catch you...... lucky car"


LoonyTalk said...

What I cannot help wondering is why you had to return before the Olympics ended? Had you been there, perhaps you'd have the honor of bearing the national flag during the closing ceremony...

Vedz said...

Hey! are u sure ur really taking things easy?! observing the times uve published ur posts, its mostly b/w 6-7 am! and that my friend-is early!:P u should try sleeping in, then the 24hrs wont seem too long anymore :P

But then i guess old habits die hard huh?..good luck with this one! :)

srilu....the sweeeeeeeeetest of all said...

hiii...Reading ur blog has become a habit for me.Y don u write blog everyday pls....V really wanna know more abt Abhinav;Am watching ur shows on NDTV;They r simply awesome:)
Coming to Olympics...I guess all the athletes who played in Beijing Olmpics fared really well in their respective sports;If every player carries out the same seriousness and enthusiasm,I am sure V would win more GOLD medals in the London Olmpics in 2012:)But as u said...the Indian Sports Set-up shud change a lot...
U pls keep blogging abhinav... dont stop writing it:) And a compliment for u...U smile veryy well:)

Deepika said...

I agree to whatever you said..and you're soooo right..the show isn't..all athletes must now work even more hard to grab more medals in London Olympics!! we want the history to be repeated and I hope the hockey team makes it to Olympics this time!! good luck everyone including u abhinav!! love you x

Hanna said...

So it took some time and 2-3 trials for me to understand everything you wrote.
Any way its great that you could make an impact even on the least educated village people like me who gets very little facilities and thus knoledge

jina said...

its over for this moment but still unforgetable moment ...is there...by reading blog like urs we can apply to our own professional life too like ur hardwork leads u to gold medal....so make it alive ..do write blog...

rakhi said...

each n vry wrd u've written is true...n i'd like2 say datthe govt's attitude 2 our sportspersons is really pathetic.i've often wondered y all dis support n publicity 4 cricket only.i cn name all d cricetrs but nt hockey players or football or badminton.
aftr v securd a silver medal d previous year,evryone thought or considerd dat as beginnin of a new awaknin...both frm d part of of govt as well as public.bt,the talks ended after a few days.nobdy talkd abt it aftr dat.nw after ur gold medal,vrybody is sayin d same things.bt,it'll soon settle dwn.bt pls dn't let dat happen.just dn't stp riting.v all knw u r a bsy man.a single line vill do n v dn't mind if u dn't give replies 2 all d comments...v all out here wnt u 2go aheadwith ur plans...

Guljinder Singh said...

These olympics for sure have been a defining moment for our nation and I am sure THE THREE medals will act as a fire starter.

All the best to all of Us for 2012.

Keep Posting.


Harish Desai said...

Now that Olympics is over..its time for Cricket fever to rise...i would be interested in the number comments that you would get for your post....I can already see the trend :-(.....Some time back I was watching our spiced up Hindi news channel... they showed Our honorable sport minister Mr. M. S. Gill meet one of the Olympic badminton participant ‘Saina Nehwal' accompanied by none other than 'Pullela Gopichand' ...and guess what he asked 'Aur Ap Kaun???’ to the ‘All England Open Badminton Champion’ …way to go minister...this is sad story of other sports in India.

Won’t be surprised if your pictures are posted along with Congress politicians …already saw one….

Smruti said...

hi abhinav
The show is over....but for all those
who have not done farely well this year
will have to focus on their respective sports
so that they will make up till london 2012 olympics.
This big question of 'what next' will always
come in front of everyone....tough one...
but u have not posted anything about ur decision
on ur question of "WHAT NEXT"??????
do write on this issue...
when u will make ur decision....


esha bajaj said...

hi,abhinav hats of to u and u hav done a brilliant job.
thats my first comment in your blog. yesterday i have seen your interview on live india, u were showing gold medal.The day u won, i didn't see ur final shooting.My mom told me in the evening that India got one gold medal. u r CEO of abhinav futuristic. then how do you manage ur time.i am so eager to know more about you. please don't stop Posting.All the best 4 ur future and hope u will keep doing the same in next olyampics 4 our nation.
Please reply back
my mail id is esha882003@gmail.com

innovating potential beyond ma boundries said...

yes da show z over bt plz continue updatin ur blog in future because der r many ppl which do includes me:-) who luk frwd to ur writings and get inspiration frm it....
thnks fr answerin da ques i had in mind (wat z nxt)..........
hav a gud day....lukin frwd 2 .....

harpriya said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Nivedita said...

You are absolutly right Sir That now everone will forsee the London Olympics. But that doesn't mean that We will forget our glorious past. It will always be a reserviour for energy for now and FOREVER. But we know that WE HAVE TO TAKE EXPERIENCE FROM OUR PAST AND FULFILL OUR DREAMS FOR FUTURE.

snowhite said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
queen_mars17 said...

Duh!!! now u guys are intruding his private space...SHUT UP PPl... hey abhinav congos... how u liking this new found celeb status???

queen_mars17 said...

Duh!!! now u guys are intruding his private space...SHUT UP PPL.!!!!!.. hey abhinav congos... how u liking this new found celeb status???

snehil said...

hi Abhinav sir,firstly would like to requst u to keep ur blog on even if olympics r over.now it has come in routiene and we all feel like a personal connection wid u thru ur blog.
secondly myself too became a witness of dat grand ceremony n felt that India,specially we youth power really need to take concrete n rational steps to raise d standard of power OF OUR NATION.
Like atheletes we all too be waiting eagerly for magic in London but to create dat magic diligent,intelligent n nerve breakin efforts need to be started from rite now.I dont have doubt in capabilities of our players bt smwhere in mind hav fear dat after all d celebrations get over,wil dis newly generated attitude for supporting sports other than cricket n enhancing infrastructure for them be remain same,or history wil again repeat itself,d nation where ppl dont remember even our heroes of Kargil who sacrificed d highest element,dere life n dere respective families who r still waiting for their real star,'D STAR WHICH WIL NEVER SHINE AGAIN'
do u think d promises r going to b kept wid same enthusiasm,d enthusiasm in which they were made,or gonna b victim of our system?

swathi said...

This is the first comment im postin,so i would like 2 take this opportunity to congratulate u on ur amazing achievement.
U have such a keen understanding of life(it showed clearly wen u said u might hav even lost had it been another day)
When such is the case with sports its so very important for our country with a billion plus population to encourage sportsmen who manage to make the cut into the international levels... for i totally agree with u wen u say the more the number the better the possibilies of winnin medals...MAY THE INDIAN SPORTS CONTINGENT GROW IN PROPORTION TO ITS POPULATION!!

rashmi said...

Yes now the show is over!!.The Beijing Olympics were very special as India won a total of 3 medals!!!
Sometimes I wonder that an athlete works so hard, trains hard for years and on that particular day at that particular moment if that athlete fails to perform then its just gone!and then you have to start all over again.

Now all eyes will be on London.But yes before London we have Commonwealth Games at Delhi in 2010 and this will provide a boost to other sports.
I saw all your interviews on NDTV and they were really good,it was really nice to see your school principle there and it seemed like you were really enjoying yourself while giving that interview! Well now are you planning to take a Holiday and go for a vacation?
Well all I would like to say is keep updating your blog and do read the comments!!

Vik said...

For once, I don't think the use of caps was unwarranted :)Yep, the Olympics will have to wait for four years ,but I ,for one, will be eagerly awaiting the commonwealth as well as the info on the structure that you will ,hopefully, be posting about.Like any other dream, the most important part of the Olympic dream lies in it's preparation and what can be more fascinating than to learn how to approach it collectively,as a nation!That way, our athletes will know that they aren't alone in it.They have an army of friends rooting for them( NOT to be misread as pressure ,but as your STRENGTH and Energy Capsule).I will give you a dream right now->What a dream feeling it'd be for India to bag 12 golds at the London Olympics,rank within the first 10 nations and collectively sport their medals on a global pedestal!!
On another note, I wonder if Monica could have won us another medal if her olympic journey wasn't cut short by someone in SAI.I wonder if that SAI official will be made to pay for stifling the chance of a nation to win another medal....

Ashok Kadam said...

Hey Abhinav da, i've bcome a gr8 gr8 fan of you. U have made us very very proud. i watched all your action u on DD sports. Sometimes, I wonder how could u behave so humble and so down to earth with that million dollar smile on your face, even after winning individual GOLD for INDIA.. ;)

pooja said...

Am soo happy for you.Though it is an impersonal feeling but you got me thinking about hope and hard work and can start afresh all over again,

Anonymous said...

Hello Abhinav
Hey the title u hv given to ur post sounded lik a farewell message as if now u r not gonna post anymore. But please dont do that.Its so good to read ur viwes n opinions.

I read ur interview in TOI where they compared ur win to that of China's first olympic gold win in 1984.I hope that same goes true for India as well in the years to come.


Pan said...


Before you go back to routine days again,please do post something that relates to ABHINAV BINDRA-THE PERSON.Now that we have a fair idea of the olympian,we would love to know something more about you Sir.

Stuti said...

Yes, indeed the biggest question for us and especially for world-level players is "what next!!" This thought might have come even your way. Would you continue with the 10m or would prefer trying 50m and so on and why? We all indeed know that you are an expert in your category(10m), and hence you would stick to your favourite one. But still, would you like experimenting with the other ones as well?

trisha kapuria said...

hello, Abhinav
Best of luck for ur future. be focused, n bring more golds to india.
take care.

vidhi said...

your message was just like a poem.i mean its full of good quotes and thoughts.well!i liked reading it

Trinaa said...

heylo gold medallist...congrats..u really did us proud :))

VIDYA said...

hey i hope u rnt gona stop posting :)

vetha said...

may be you are not interested in telling abt u...ur private stuff etc...(actually we shouldnt ask abt it...)we/i dont mind....but tel us something abt ur sport....if u r ready to tel then dont use technical terms man...tel us in a way we can understand.....

abhijeet said...

the show is not over yet and will continue in london. we expect another gold & many more. the glory by abhinav should never end & mind it kyuki picture abhi baaki hai mere dost

Pradeep said...

congrats for this great achievement ... I want to see you winning one more gold in london !! By the way will it be possibe for you to upload a picture of your coveted gold medal on this blog :)

Anonymous said...

We have very few world class stars to show the world. One was Great GAMA Rust e Jaman and second one was Major Dhyan Chand Bias i cannot remember a third name. Abhinav Is Olympic GOLD Medallist but he is not in that class yet. Only these two can lay claim to be undisputed masters of their game. These things cannot be achived by only hard work. One cannot bcome dhyan chand by practice. These people were destined. i wish abhinav all sucess in life. He has made india proud by winning a gold but can we repeat that feat again i doubt. Barring Abhinav i don't see anyone else

Ajay Rau said...

Hi Abhinav,

you have probably got enough congratulations from everyone in the country, but I can imagine the sort of commitment you gave given to achive your gold medal.I have only been full time in my chosen Olympic sport and i already feel anti social and out of place in my own home as i have hardly been at home. anyway please visit my blogspot....www.ajayrau2012olympiccampaign.blogspot.com.like any sports person i am going through my fair bit of problems not recieveing the sort of money i would need just to survive in the huge rat race ..it donst help also being in one of the most expensive olympic sport...(sailing) anyway hope to hear from you which i doubt but if you see this take a look at my blog.enjoy the moment to be an 3 time Olympian is an amazing effort to be a gold medalist is so special because you are in that special club where only few people on earth have experienced money can never buy that sort of happiness what you feeling right now
Ajay Rau

Chanakya said...

All the best to you and all the sports persons.

Chaitanya Sagar

ankita said...

hi abhinav.......
i read your blog today your post are just fabulous..... very clear and straight forward....... do keep on posting.... they are very encouraging.....

harshdeep kaur said...

hi abhinav,
i usually write on your blog.
you have written in your interest that you are open for all suggestions what does that mean?

harshdeep kaur said...

hey abhinav DO NOT STOP WRITING.
you are the icon of our country.
you dont know how inspirational you are ! it is not unrealistic.we can not meet you personally. but it is the only medium that join us. moreover u can come to know that how people are attracting to oter sports[speally to 10m air rifle] rather than cricket.
please keep writing & also tell about your spot in genral terms.

varsha said...


happy said...

Finally the beijing olympics is over.But dont u think u should have represented our country for the closing ceremony????Anyway CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!For maling our india one among the 52 nations to win GOLD in this OLympics.Best Wishes to perform the same feast in next olympics also

ROHIT said...

well said bro

Sriteja said...

congratulations!!you made us all really proud!!...finally India gets a break from watching just cricket!!..wish u all the best for london...do keep posting:)

anil yadav said...

अभिनव जी ....बीजिंग ओलंपिक में स्वर्ण पदक जीतकर भारत का मान बढाने के लिए हार्दिक बधाई ....अभिनव जी मेरी बस एक ही ख्वाहिश है कि मैं भारत के पहले स्वर्ण पदक विजेता से एक बार बात करूँ....क्या आप मेरी ये तमन्ना पूरी करेंगे....मेरा नम्बर 09990794595 है....अगर आपने मुझसे एक बार बात कर ली तो मैं अपने आपको धन्य समझूँगा..........

harshdeep kaur said...

hey man , what is this ? why do you stpo writing?
please write something at least hi, that you can write.

girish said...

Hi abhinav,

All the best for the London Olympics

hema_coolteen said...

hi!!! Good insight there! I think there should b a sports revolution.. and btw... how long b4 ur next post?

Smruti said...

hi abhinav
u must be busy giving interviews....
so its obvious u r not getting time to post
something new....its ok....
today only i had read in our newspaper
(TOI Nagpur version) that u will be the guest editor for
tomorrows edition of TOI..great to hear this....
different kind of experience....
so enjoy doing it....to the fullest..

(I think u knew that ull be quite busy in
these coming days so u posted something
which can last till u return n start posting...
[aaaahhh just joking])

innovating potential beyond ma boundries said...

no updates frm ur side............
seems bsy preparin sum stratagies.........hmnnnnnnnn
k...bt plz write sumthin if dnt hav anythin 2 write den write ur fav song lyrics........hope dnt mind it's a joke.....

ankita said...

Hi Abhinav.
Just tell me one thing how can u be so down to earth after such a huge success? U were so calm at that moment when every Indian was so proud of u that they had tears in there eyes. But whatever the reason is stay what you are and there lies your greatness. :)

lil mermaid said...

yes indeed , beijing olympics ended with a blast.... but can anyone forget them ?
the best olympics ever for india...and you ABHINAV our GOLDEN GUY wil inspire one n all..nt jst london bt in every other olympic city to come people wil luk bak to beijing n YOU fr inspiration..
THANX fr being a role model of the youth and bringing hope to a hundred n twenty crore INDIANS dat YES WE INDIANS CAN DO IT.....

lil mermaid said...

n plz plz plz keep writing in....plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz !

Nikunj Malik said...

Yeah...this show is over and all we say is a BIG 'thank you' for bringing the pride and joy !!

Can't really say how u must be feeling but the rest of the nation is in ecstasy cos of u...

so take a short break and start gearing up for the next olympics :D

Pan said...

"Many a man may accomplish what you did
But the poise and simplicity will be much coveted
And that indeed makes you distinguished"

Sherel said...

u know what abhinav?....
your the best....
and that you've shown in your performance.....
Keep it Up

zinsser said...

hello!I am very pleased to find your address. Although China has beijing, as a Chinese people i never get there. SO you are lucy,and you have great show in beijing and you have rememebered and liked by many Chinese people ,because you are so popular just like in India. By the way ,pelease not mind my poor english.

harry said...

Hi sir I am shooter from Small town of J&K and I need your kind help regarding the rifle. so please help me I have to Qualify for mavolankar. as you said you are always avilable to help needy and sport persons. My id is ranjit.chopras@gmail.com

riya*leo20 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
anup said...

hi golden boy i am veery happy to writing u. but i am not good at english. if i do misteck than don't mind. not only i but evry indina don't have singal word to say thanks bindra. because after 1980's indian flag have go up in frist place which moment i can't forget in my life i am also a basketball player and now i am journalist. when u'll read this u would have meat me. again i wana give u think for giving gold medal for us thaks. and good luck for u great future.

u r gr8 said...

hello sir..
as everybody says COMGRATULATIONS.. u surely have done us proud...
but i actually want to congratulate you for smthing else...something that makes u special form everybody special...and dats your humility....i mean u r so down to earth and so calm....hats off sir..hope u dont mind telling us whats the secret behind it...and m glad dat u find time to read every comment on ur blog...needless to say dat we including me have become a fan of ur writings..so sir ps pls dont stop posting....

m from chandigarh and the gold medal makes me feel even special as it comes from our own home...

once again congratulations Abhinav bhaiya....just hoping u dont mind the salutation given above...

Nidhi said...

hey abhinav i do read ur blogs daily. keep posting them.

Anonymous said...

Dear Abhinav,
First of all wanted to congratulate you for bringing back a gold medal!!
I've been reading all of your interviews in the newspapers and posts on the blog it is heartening to learn that you are spreading the message to Indians to embrace sports and instilling hope in sportsmen that hard work doesn't go waste.
You winning a gold medal has created a media frenzy and also made people sit up notice and think of sport sans cricket and more importantly the governement is listening now!
Hopefully government is going to do something about the way sports,sportsmen are perceieved and treated in India and will open aveneues for sponsorship of the deserving sportsmen.
Being an ex national level swimmer I left sports to become an engineer,thousands of Indians are living their dream through you.


Mez said...

I would have loved to say a lotta things but only,


you promised to give atleast one-liner reply:)


Thaslim said...

Try to achieve your level best...

Anonymous said...



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may be its crazy...but wanna say ths...love u abhinav...hey many of my frnds use 2 tell tht u r fan nd loving him nwadays as he won somethng...if he dont get it..what would u do...they ask me like this...but onethng that i love u not as u got medal...i love u as ur attitude...may be many girls love u...but i also respect u nd a great devotee of u abhinav...take care...CONGRATS 4 everythng tht happened till nw in life nd All d best for what will happen in ur life...-prabhavathi

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