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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Thursday, August 21, 2008

life goes on....

Thursday, August 21, 2008 – 7:19 AM
well life is really returning back to normal and i am now faced with a dilemma as to "what next?"
of course there are lots of options, but i would like to do something with purpose and something that i am passionate about....
i never realized how long 24 hours actually were and now i am trying to fill time although i am still tired and still need some rest things really coming back to normal. My interviews are now trickling (which i am happy about) and i now get to sit back and watch the nation's other two stars in action :)
So something i have been talking about for some time now is how i would like to give back to not only shooting but also to the whole Indian sport movement. I would like to offer my help to all who seek it and also like to be available to other shooters so that i can share my experiences with them. 
I am working now on a structure which i can be directly involved with the development of other shooters and actually try and groom people for the future. i will write more details on that when i have finalized the plan and things are a bit more concrete.
i will use another post to comment on all the people who have left me some very insightful remarks but for the usual comment about how India underperforms... it is very simple...we don't have any sport structure whatsoever... so the fact that we are even winning a couple of medals is phenomenal... it is time we all join hands and try and change this acceptance of mediocrity... i think we should all be positive and actually offer solutions since it is pretty obvious we all know the problems. 
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vetha said...
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Annamalai.K said...

Hi Abhinav
I was actually waiting for all the euphoria to die.Im happy you are feeling pretty relaxed now.I thought mentally you were very strong and with your skill, a gold medal was due..Please dont change and always remember that the personality of yours before the olympics, won you the medal and not the personality after the olympics....Get a gold again in London 2012..train hard..All the best...annnamalai.kuppusamy@gmail.com

sandeep said...

Abhinav,we r proud of u.With u r spirit sushil kumar won bronge medal for india.
Let's hope Vigendra kumar will win tommorow's game &win gold medal for india.

vetha said...
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Manmeet said...

all the best to vijender... we really have come far enough now from what we thought of.. but i doubt that we should give credit to the govt or federation for the success till now... anyways.. congrats to every Indian..
Waiting for your plan... and waiting for the time when all the Youth Joins hand to change the India

anmol said...

hi abhinav,
this is my first comment on ur blog
first of all i wud like 2 congratulate u and d odr 2 indian medalists at beijing...
i am a little dissapointed with u..
it is because when u won d gold medal u never thanked ur coach and dat makes me feel sad and i was made aware of dis by my principle ms. suman kumar of bluebells school new delhi
and i was a lil shoked aftr i cme 2 knoe bout dis.... i hope u will thank ur coach in public once thru ur interviews or ur posts or thru newspaper... odrwise ur a gr8 and a true sportperson all d best 4 future

thanking you

anmol said...

m just w8ng 4 u sir 2 make a mention of ur coach in sum newspapers or ur blogs or sumwhre....

anmol gupta

ஜேகே - JK said...

You want to be back in action so soon...Your "Positive Restlessness" is definitely inspiring.

Parul said...

It feels nice after reading your blog. Since now i am waiting for your reply to my e-mail id i.e.
so that i can fulfill my dream of talking to you personally so that i get motivated. I hope you will continue your writing.

srilu....the sweeeeeeeeetest of all said...

huh...finally i succeeded in scrapping u in the top 10:)

srilu....the sweeeeeeeeetest of all said...

ya...the effort put in by the 2 players who won the medals yesterday was phenomenal;More importance n encouragement is needed for all other sports apart 4m cricket in our country.And i even feel more women should also take part in olympics...i guess this time the number is quite less.

Indian said...

Abhinav, Whatever decision you take let it be in the interest of the bigger picture..India. Please do not restrict yourself to Sports but try to inculcate values into our contemporary soceity by fighting corruption,nepotism, red tapism, etc.

srilu....the sweeeeeeeeetest of all said...

And one more...am quite impressed by ur academic backgrnd;I really admire ppl who are academically strong:)so....don u have plans of continuing wid ur business?

Megha said...

Hey Abhinav,

Its good to hear that you've been thinking and planning about helping out other shooters. And you are right- without having a proper structure in place India cannot hope to improve much. It will just be flashes of individual brilliance. India's best bet will be to get corporates involved in sports (similar to Mittal trust).

I am sure with shooting and your business, you will find an answer to 'what next' pretty soon. Meanwhile just sit back and savour these moments. :)


jina said...

yes being the nation's individual first gold medallist yes u should b like this ...yupe good to hear that 4rm u ...n we all will be always with u towards the nation sports movement...i can encourage ur work by posting comments ...in ur blog so do write blog so that we can know about nation sports movement...once again ALL THE BEST ...cheer up...no need 4 more siesta or wad...he he he ...n thanks 4 ur wonderful thoughts...

Anonymous said...

Hi Abhinav,
this is my first post on ur blog
From behalf of all ur fan I only want to say that please create an orkut account for those who wanted to chat with u and get motivated.

kchahal said...

hi Abhinav i knw u must hav had received a billion of congrats up till nw but i wana jst say to u one word "THANKYOU".Hey and do enjoy the limelight for the pple of India do not easily bestow their love to other sportsmen other than CRICKET.........
Feels really proud to b an Indian and MAY GOD BLESS YOU.......

varsha said...

sir, i learnt that u attended a mental training course at munich of sports mental management. could u pls tell me how i could also attend that course for i also want to be mentally stronger. i m an air pistol shooter but need some mental guidance. and pls also tell me the minimum age recquired for attending that course pls do contact me at varshavarman@gmail.com. i would really appreciate u doing it since u r so busy with media and all. have a nice day.

varsha said...

sir, i learnt that u attended a mental training course at munich of sports mental management. could u pls tell me how i could also attend that course for i also want to be mentally stronger. i m an air pistol shooter but need some mental guidance. and pls also tell me the minimum age recquired for attending that course pls do contact me at varshavarman@gmail.com. i would really appreciate u doing it since u r so busy with media and all. have a nice day.

varsha said...

sir, i learnt that u attended a mental training course at munich of sports mental management. could u pls tell me how i could also attend that course for i also want to be mentally stronger. i m an air pistol shooter but need some mental guidance. and pls also tell me the minimum age recquired for attending that course pls do contact me at varshavarman@gmail.com. i would really appreciate u doing it since u r so busy with media and all. have a nice day.

Italianbasics said...

now you're on the right track!!
feels so good to hear this from you...you can do so much for the sport...make it big!!

nisha said...

thanks for continouing ur blog.
i am eager to know more about 'abhinav'.


Anonymous said...

Wow another post in a days time. Great.


Anonymous said...

Well its nice to see ur post.
Now i have become a regular reader of ur posts and wait for the next one.
Yesterday i watched ur small interview with star news where u said that u wanted the attention to now shift to sushil n vijender who deserve it very well.

Even i feel like that despite the lack of sports facilities, we can win 3 medals, so what wud it be lik if there were a good sports structure in the country.We r a nation of 110 crore people. Definately we can achieve much more.

Well i dont hv much to say about the post.We all understand what u hv written.Just that its good to read what u write.And i want u to keep on writing on this blog.And atleast write once daily.



hi abhinav
nw finally u r free, tht's grt man.
i read somewre nw u r joining ur father's business.isn't it? i also wt t learn nw ths game yar , i learnt each and every game bt nw ths one s left out so i shld go fr it also.wt do u say?

Pushan said...

gr8 to c u back to blogging in full roll.... the nation waits with bated breath for 12:46 pm 2moro when Vijender takes on the cuban boxer... its brilliant to note that cricket which has hogged the limelight on news channels with hundreds of experts commenting in all possible languages weeks b4 the series begins, is nowhere to be seen... m not trying to belittle the sport, i too have been an avid follower of the game but when a country starts performing in other fields the focus just shifts... it goes to show that Indians arent just mad abt cricket... its the only sport in which India has performed reasonably well... now that other sports are raising Indian hopes cricket finds itself confined to the corners of newpapers.

Now as far as the solution goes, people like Abhinav and others ( coaches n sportspersons) can possibly draft a structure which they have seen elsewhere or something that they feel would have helped them when they were training. As citizens of India we should extend full support both in terms of encouragement as well as money... people who are buyin planes for their wives worth 300 crores n people like u n me shud just not sit n clap when India wins and curse when they loose but rather contribute to the sport in any small or big way that we can.

raghu kiran said...

It is very rare that one can see history unfold.The excitement your medal has brought (to me at personal level )to the nation cannot be expressed in words,your name and achievement would be writen in our collective memory forever .


Estella said...

I read an interview of yours in Calcutta's most significant daily, The Telegraph. I agree with what you say about cricket as a sport being able to stand alone on its feet. It's the other sports that need attention. Our pugilists and wrestlers have made us proud in the last two days. Our athletes, shooters, archers always show promise.
But a significant point is how to get the majority of the country..by which I mean non sports people to take a keen interest in WATCHING these sports,since the more people watch, the more the ads, and therefore the more sponsors.
I'm glad you want to do something for Olympic sport in India as a whole. We do too. You have our support all the way. Thanks and best of luck.

Pushan said...
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:-) said...

Hmmmmm,,u shouldn't really be the one in dilemma for "what next"..There is a lot of hard work, dedication, perseverance needed to achieve what you already have..BUT..there is even more dedication and commitment required to repeat it AGAIN after 4 yrs. I think you should aim for the REPEAT in London, what an incredible feat it would be for India.. :-) Al da very best.. :-)

ek dost said...

Good to know that you have found your calling and are working towards a structured approach to guide other shooters to get more olympic laurels. You have been there and now can coach others. China's amazing haul of 45 golds ( till now) is something which came about with structured system and perseverance rather than luck. Having lived and worked in china can assure that long term committment and training is the only way to succeed.

rashmi said...

Well now I guess the Question of "what next" will continue to haunt you for a few days,as now you have achieved your goal of winning an Olympic Gold. As you have said in some of your interviews that there is a sort of emptiness,when this emptiness sets in then you are always faced with the BIG Question of "What Next".
Well we would definitely like to see you winning more medals in London 2012 and with 50m air rifle as your event too.
Its good to hear that you've been thinking and planning about helping out other shooters. Looking forward to hear about your plan.
Please don't ever change that 'down to earth' nature of yours,this nature of yours will take you to new heights in your career.
I hope Vijender wins gold too,really excited for that!!
Ok then now waiting for your next post on the blog

Abhinav said...
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Kannan said...

Hi Abhinav,
Congrats..way to go....your wisdom is beyond your age. Anyhow that is good for Indian Olympic movement. I already see that you talk about Indian Olympic movement in your interviews. That is the right way to do and i really appreciate your patriotism. Looking eagerly for your statement on blog.

Yep the youth and internet can create a movement and let us take Olympic in our hands. Also feel bad about just complaining about government...yes the government can do better but instead of complaining let us think what can we do and if we do a good job and work hard towards that goal surely the government and all the people will be behind your movement.

But at least you have an opportunity to start it. Slow and steady wins the race. Anyhow we need to have a start and i feel that you can provide the great start. And lot of fellow blogger s have great suggestion and when we synergies all brains together you can create the best possible movement. ALWAYS THERE TO SUPPORT YOU FROM USA. Take your own time and make the best decision for you and our Country. Lot of immigrants will be able to support this movement financially and i am happy to see other fellow countrymen eager to send money for helping sportsperson. I can be one among them.

Abhinav said...

Hey Abhinav,

First of all Good work dude.U have done a commendable job!! Good on ya!!May be u don;t know me, But i know you..I met Amit sir when i was in India last year..I heard alot about you from him.He is a great personality though.Anyway he is your Dronnacharya isn;t it??I must say one thing that there are so many people who are lookin forward to see you hitting more victories under the Indian flag..So Best of luck dude..Keep going!!


lloyd said...

What strikes me the most is that you want to help other sports persons, that itself is a huge gesture. I havent heard of any cricketers do that for sportsmen other than cricketers.
I saw a report on TV that showed the boxing facilities at SAI when they profiled vijander and it was shocking to see. Hat off to you sir ! (Lloyd M) lloydom@gmail.com

rashmi said...
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rashmi said...

Thanks to the winning feats of Sushil,Vijender and of course you, the country's focus has totally shifted from cricket to Olympic sports.Its feels great to see a cricket crazy nation suddenly change its track.
I'm glad to see that you want to do something for Olympic sport in India as a whole,thats a great idea and we all support you. The time has come to make India - a Great Sporting Nation.

Good Luck

Smruti said...

hi abhinav
This question of 'what next' is very important
as it can change ur life.....
as u have mentioned u would like to do something that ur
passionate about, then obvious it would be related to shooting...
But then it might happen that ur parents may be planning
something different (like I had read this in our local
newspaper at Nagpur that ur parents want
u to join ur family business)
so in that case u have to decide 'what to do'
but as there is a solution to every question
n i think u'll take the right decision.....
n yes it feels great that u r ready to help
those how are in this sport of shooting....
Go on with ur best.....


deepak said...

Hai Abhinav, congrats for your achievement.. Its my first comment. I got your blog id today only.. wish you all the best..

Cochin, Kerala

padma said...

hi abhinav., this is my first comment in your blog.. me and my family are proud of your achievements.. esp..the one at beijing. whats more soothing for me is that you ve got a parent like your father, who spotted the talent in you and nurtured it. reminds me of my responsibility as a parent too.. hats off to your dad!

Vik said...

That's greatly enthusing Abhi! Needless to say that this will excite hundreds of your fans as well as other Olympic aspirants in India and probably even the media will get a whiff of this sooner or later, but I hope this doesn't take anything off from your "own" preparations for the commonwealth or for the London olympics ,which I do understand have some time to go.That said,if this comes off the ground ,then I am sure you'd have enough cooperation from various sections to get it soaring because this is a project that appeals to millions of patriotic hearts across the length and breadth of the country, probably even in the villages now.By the way,I am also sure that you are already working on your next set of goals,even if silently,but are there 9 shooting events in the London Olympics ?:-)

swapnaja said...

i never thought that a thought like "what next " would arise !! with you being an enterpreneur . but still . it's good that you want to help people associated with sports since there are some who genuinely need it . it's good you have some time to yourself . but trust me when i say 24 hours are not enough . wait for a few days and you would yourself wish that the days were longer than usual .now that you have the time would you mind replying on my e-mail id ...... swapnaja169@yahoo.in , hoping that your efforts to salvage the Indian sports will bring good results .......
have fun .... enjoy

latha vidyaranya said...

what next??? why is this question as if you have achieved all that was to be achieved in life! oh, no, like how phelp broke so many records and created new ones, you should now be training harder to create further records in many sports events organized the world over. please do not become too complacent. it makes you lose focus. yes, relax for a while, enjoy the company of your family members and your pets and home cooked food etc. but let your fingers always crave to be trigger-happy! your thoughts on helping improve sports facilities in india and helping the budding talents to come up are very noble. with the award money pouring in, you may even institute a sports scholarship for a needy sports person who does well in his field.

god bless you.

me said...

very true Abhinav, its time we all make a concerted effort to develop sports in our country.
In this regard, we need to understand the models that other countries like Australia follow and work towards developing our own.

If you havent already,pls read

harapriya said...

THANKYOU Abhinav, thanks for every thing that you have given to us and what help you are thinking to give us. Every sports person would be thinking this right from their heart. If you train the shooters or help them in any way, I am sure many more medals are waiting to come in our way
But Abhinav as you know the two basic problems that come our way is lack of training and financial crisis. Players are not sponsored at the grass root level and so they deviate from their way and choose other occupation
Once again I would say thanks, I am saying thanks so many times because it really comes from my heart .I was a basket ball player but couldn’t pursue it as a career because I was unsecured about my future and now I am a final year student of graduation in chemistry, I have lost my passion, I have lost my basketball. Their are many like me ,and who would be saying THANKS


Nidhi said...

abhinav just be what you are and surely do something for others. I read a students comment in your blog. He needs your HELP. Please do something for him.

Vin said...

'what's next?' that's the big question, really! Relax and you will find the answer within..Congratulations !!ur dreams coupled with hard work have paid off n how!


Sankar said...

I don't know much about shooting.. But i see that u qualified just for one olympic event 10m rifle. Wer u concentrating just on that? Or did u try out other events as well but cudn't qualify? If the latter was the case, then the obvious answer to your "what next??" is to achieve in the other shooting events as well in London 2012.We are greedy for more man.. And u r the one in billion right now.. So u've to do it for us.. :)

Vin said...
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Sneha Abraham said...

hi, your blog was featured in the 'blogs of note' in blogger. thats how i ended up reading all your posts. i got tired reading the comments on just one post, i dunno if you will even see this. loved your post on first day at home.
Just wanted to congratulate and thank you for the history you have put in for our country.
hope you keep doing your best.

Rahul Chandran said...

Dear Abhinav,

Thank You for having put up this blog. Its really a special feeling that we get by directly communicating with you. The gold medal that India has won is a tribute to your hardwork and to the efforts invested in by your parents. My heartfelt thanks to them too. It was nice to see you on top of the podium with a graceful smile;calm,composed and dignified. I believe that you can inspire a lot of us with your words. I hope and pray that all your efforts be crowned with success.

Rahul Chandran

Natasha said...

Two things I find incredible about you the person -
You are an utterly down-to-earth normal person, the kind I wish my sons grow up to become. The press tries to paint you as this arrogant rich brat, but you are just a slightly reserved guy who does his job and does it exceedingly well. And that has not changed even after you have won the gold. Wish there were more people like you around

The other thing is the way you have, from the day you won the gold itself, been talking about the people who do not win. After all that hard work and the sacrifices, nobody wants not to win. But we as a nation tend to just dust off the also rans. Thank you for reminding us that they deserve as much, if not more, encouragement than does a person who gets visible results.

I hope you continue blogging even after you feel you do not have too much to say. It is refreshing to read someone who has his head firmly on his shoulders and has such a understated sense of humour (I loved how you described trying to impress your canine friends when you got back home).

Prabhakar said...

Hey Abhinav, Good to hear that you are thinking of Indian future in Sports. Do let us know if we can be of any help to make our country get more gold medals in next Olympics.

karma kocktail said...

hi abhinav,
congratulation........!!!!!!!!!!on yr glowrious win at the olympics.
though we are just the admirer,it is yr hardwork that brought laurels for the country and yr parents.
All i can say is best of luck for yr future...

Abhishek said...

Hey Abhinav
Do you know why India has to manage with a manage with little number of medals in Olympics.This is because the arena of Athletics is least fancied.Please try to establish shooting as a common sporting event so that many potential shooters who dont find any platform could be traced and trained.
You are the youth icon of today's India .If only you could fantasize these athletic events, I hope many shootersand other athletes will get ample sponsors.

Hope you agree with me

Congratulations Once again

Deepak said...

August 13, 2008 11:15 PM

This was the time when I last posted my comments. I am sure you were busy but I hope you will read it once and reply back. As the purpose was COMMUNICATION. Untill you don't read it my words are of no use.

You are voice of youth India and I am happy that unlike young politicians others are trying to do justice with national image. Take care dude. If destiny wants then we will meet someday. Enjoy.

jyoti said...

hi abhinav...
i m not much of a blogger but i have been continuously keeping track of ur blog...
its very refreshing to see sm1 who has grown to an iconic stature in India's sporting history wanting to give back to not his but the entire sports fraternity in India...
u r abs ryt when u say that there is no Sports Structure in India..
so it is commendable that all the 3 medal winners for India in Beijing are from small-towns... Chandigarh is not exactly a small town (I myself hail from Chd) but in terms of sporting infrastructure it is... Just think what the streamlined sporting structure would do... i think India needs to emulate the Chinese model... I hope u would agree with me... China has outnumbered and outshined everyone in their home games.. i hope India would be able to do so when the Games come to India... Hope it wud be soon... :)
hope to hear from u... :)
i cn be reached at

Anisha Rose said...

hai abhinav,
i was really waiting for someone who can show our{indians}real power.....

sorry 4 my delay wishes since i am a student i am so busy and today i am in so good mood....in my school...
so belated congragulations to u...bhai..........

hope u will send me a replay.pls..........


sanchali said...

First of all CONGRATULATIONS to you...this is my first post to your blog...
Really liked your interview for The Telegraph yesterday...
And we all hope you win more Gold for the country...
I guess this year is one of the most glorious years in the history of India at the Olympics...
All the very Best...

gopika said...

ABHINAV jeetha tho INDIA jeetha
aapne saare desh ke dil ko jeetha

jab kiya MEDAL ka sapna saakaar
thab nikala dil se yahi dua....
ki roshan ho jaye aapke duniya...
aur mile aapko saare khushiyain...

congratulations ABHINAV
with regards

jicksy said...

Yu are so simple to heart!!!...You are like an inspiration to young aspirants in Sports field..
Myy frnd juss called me up and said u have started a blog..u see i am here!!...

Feelss to be on top of the world to read ur comments!!.....Keep rokkin!..

Aneesh said...

Hey belated congrats!!
Just came to know about your blog.
it's great to see you here :)


Anonymous said...

Its new ray of hope that you are going to help new shooters and also other sports.
Our sportmen are lagging behind just because of lack of infrastructure and aminities...
people are not looking to other sport except cricket, How to change there mentality?
Its actualy required that corporate sector should come forword, govt will do somethig concrete is a sweet misunderstanding...
I hope your this suggestion will make positive diffrence in our sportworld...

Anonymous said...
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Parul said...

h! abhinav
Its me PARUL again.
waiting ror your reply.
I hope you would read my comment &try to contact me on my id
I thought previously that i am the most introvert human on the EARTH bt after knowing you i came to know that you are the most.
I think that i share 1 thing with you i.e. i also like to live in my own world.
I want you to contact me bcoz i want to know more about you & i think that it is the only way.

Anonymous said...

hey abhinav, this is the 1st time im reading your blog & have to say really enjoyed reading it :) congratulations on your gold medal!! i was so excited abt it that the sec i saw it on tv i was running around tellin every1 abt it & put it up on facebook..lol..so proud of the other 2 medals by the boxers too. this is jus awesome. all the best for everything you ever do. tk care.

jaspriya said...

hey abhinav....thats rite...its more difficult to think than doing wat next....this is my first post to u..u can actually enjoy idleness thoroughly only wen u hav plenty to do....now give time to urself nd ppl like u can actually change the scenario of indian sports....m a doctor nd i believ the same..ppl hav been offering me to go to US but i wanna do something for my own country so i believe in ur spirit nd patriotism nd i've full faith that we the gen_x can change indian scenario....
anyways hav been in st. stephen's chd....i believe we were thr together some point of time...i've a post for u on facebook as well..pls do check it out

ASWIN said...

hi abhinav congrats 4 the gold u won .i had goosebumps during the last round and i was glad u won .it was truly an emotional moment when the national anthem
was played.i hope this is the start for better things to happen in india.

'മുല്ലപ്പൂവ് said...


ksjhalla said...

Abhinav - I agree with you that the Indian Athletics platform has no structure and something needs to be done. However ...

Here is an idea. I am involved in a very power idea called BarCamp. The idea is that structure arises from the community and is defined as per the communities needs at the time (primarily focused on software workshops and conferences)

I wonder if this same approach could be applied to sports in India. Communities getting together to hold sporting meets and challenge each other at a variety of sports.

Your win gives us an unusual energy to propel such a movement. All that is needed is a basic rules for each sport are and how to promote such an idea. I think given your recent Beijing performance you have the unique opportunity to kickstart such a movement.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this.

anjooran said...

It's not an easy task at all and needs a lot of attention. But it's possible. you've already ignited innumerous minds. Check the number of blogs created in august 2008 to congratulate you as an easy example.
Go ahead with your plans. My mind body and soul will follow along with our great nation and all similar minded souls.

miss.meow said...

hello abhinav, heartiest congratulations to you. life goes on...yeah... it makes me very happy to see that you don't want all this adulation to affect you..., that you're not one of those people who let fame get to their heads. i've just began to blog n one of the initial topics i've blogged about is you n your achievement. do visit missmeowspeaks.blogspot.com if u can. i deeply appreciate every effort of you n your parents in bringing our country this glory. my best wishes to you!

Saptarshi Datta said...

Hi Abhinav, just heard from our forum indiansforguns.com that Walther may available to indian market through your company, is it true ?? if yes then it will be a real boon to indian shooters, My earnest request to you to not put down this idea, there are huge enthusiastic egarly awaiting for your decessions including me.

Harry said...

Hi fellow indian, thanks for making india proud. You have a very good head on your shoulders, keep up your good work.

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Femin Susan said...

hi Abhinav i knw u must hav had received a billion of congrats up till nw but i wana jst say to u one word "THANKYOU".Hey and do enjoy the limelight for the pple of India do not easily bestow their love to other sportsmen other than CRICKET.........

Fantasies of a Lifetime said...

hey there. . . .I bet u know the entire country is mighty proud of you & the gold u won :D. . .congrats :D. . .& it really is nice to see that you are putting your fame to good use & helping other atheletes. . .


cheths said...

Its good to know that you have not changed even after tasting success :) all i can say a big thanks for getting this medal home as thousands of others have wished you already i am really happy seeing your blog here :)


please would you leave a small comment as an autograph here :) i would be honoured :) because i must be one of the first people who saw your medal and immediately shared with others :)

Please work more harder and try to give your best in next Olympics too :) all the best God bless You :)

Devika said...

Hi Abhinav,
Its true that your gold medal has given rise to a lot of expectations from the other athletes too. I am happy that the boxing contingent has performed so well and Sushil Kumar got a medal in wrestling which was a huge surprise. I think this is where we have made a mistake by prioritising sports. Its sad though that Hockey ( our national sport) has been not given its importance and Cricket has become our "Adopted national Sport". I think now the mindset of the people should change and parents should encourage their children to take up sports besides cricket too.

I would like if u visit my blog : http://thedebater-devika.blogspot.com

Free2Speak said...

Hi Abhinav,
Firsrt of all congrat for winning the Gold medal for yourself and India and that too in a sport which maybe more than half of our nation's population is not aware that it is also a part of Olympics. And whatever you mentioned in your blog about the situation of games of in our Country, I do agree with you. And I pin my hopes on forerunners like you and we the general public to be LEAD INDIA or a MUNNABHAI. For sure our nation needs things like this to be reality rather than just talk shows / ad campaigns or movies.
And I look forward for another Gold from you in next Olympics.
Congratulations from the core of my heart, YOU MADE OUR NATION PROUD!
From- Nandani (nandani79@gmail.com)

mystiquegirl said...

U r in dellima of "what next"?? abhi dis is d real test of U. nw its yor responsibility 2 turn d tiny ember U hv blown into a raging inferno........!!!!
hope U wl read dis n gv it a thought.

raj said...

can we know ur mail id

____pennt&tracy stay beautiful★ said...

hold the best congradulations to all the champions..
welcome to china again!!

Sweet lil Bug said...

Hi Abhinav

Firstly - hearty congratulations. U have made us - the whole India Proud.

Nice to hear this from you.

My view is its good that the Government and many associations are rewarding the winners with cash prize and much more. But a thought here is - they can also - plant a seed for many more of these achievements and winners by setting apart some fund for development of these much ignored sports.

I m sure - all tax payers wont mind contributing Rs 100 each for sports welfare and development. Y not give money that way.... Now with u being in the stardom - i m sure - ur views will be heard. any thoughts?

oushin said...

I have something to add on to the last bit of your post on people commenting on India's underperformance...
Last night, I was at a local dhaba, a favourite eating place with the students, where two young men ( read: educated, well-off and from good background) were discussing how lucky Vijendra Kumar would be to get a chance to go for a date with Bipasha Basu.
Now, one they had no idea about the achievements of this young lad who has reached so far... Second, they were under the assumption that Vijendra had won, which means that they were not even following the game...Three, on their minds was just Bipasha.
Now, I don't have anything against Bipasha or Bollywood per se, ( in fact I recently watched Bachna Ae Haseeno..and think Bipasha did a good job)My only problem is the disinterest people, especially us, youngsters express in these areas.
We, of course, can't expect the entire youth brigade to enjoy sports or say boxing in specific. What in turn we can expect is that if they can't appreciate someone's effort , they can atleast keep mum on it...
Though, I understand that it's going to take a lot of time for our mindset to change, I wish this is the beginning...

innervoice said...

Great achievement!!!
Congratulation and hope you will do it again & again.

team India said...

.............thank you........


blog writings

vijay said...

hi Abhinav ,my heartiest congratulations to u for winning Olympic gold,i first read about you in 1998 in Teens Today and i have known that like Narayan Kartikeyan and some other great sports person we always had you,but as life makes us busy i got busy too and when on the auspicious day i saw you live on DD Sports during the morning at around 9:45am with my mother and brother hitting the bull's eye,we were so much happy .thanks a lot for giving all us Indians the proud moment.we were breathless when u were taking your last 10th shot and when you scored 10.8 we danced,clapped,laughed ,smiled ,sang and thanked god.I have collected all your interviews from Times of India and i really like one thing aboue which makes you my hero,tha's ur control over your mind.
Vijay Singh Karki

Ankush said...

our road to beijing has now ended.. but fortunately u, sushil kumar and Vijendra gave us more than just one reason to cheer.. I hope all ur efforts change the face of INdian sport and really hope that v display a remarkable performance at london in 2012.. Cheers!!

Anonymous said...

hai abhinav:). we like you for what you were and what you are and for what you will be. be the way you are. go ahead.....

zombey_-/\-_ said...

hey...congo!!...check my blog if u wanna...

Avantika Singh said...

hey abhinav...
thats a great idea to inspire other people who are working hard and are in line to achieve success...i am sure having you encourage, most of the people would get motivated to work hard and be like you~!!

and hey i saw your abhinav futuristics website too....its done pretty well in flash~!!
may god bless you~!!

take care
Avantika (Avi)

chetan said...

csbrahmankar congrats...u made all us proud

sudhanshu said...

Hi abhinav..
Really thanks for the contribution you made in Olympics. I thought mentally you were very strong and with your skill, a gold medal was due. Get a gold again in London 2012. All the best.

sudhanshu sharma

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Murthy said...

Hi abhinav,
Finally nice to hear something like this from you! Thank you very much!
this was what i was waiting to hear from you ever since my first comment on your blog!

Goji Berries | GoChi

Confluence.org.uk said...

Congratulations on your gold medal, if you wish to write any article for the UK Indian Fans please email me via the website http://www.confluence.org.uk

All the best

diksha said...

hi,abhinav,wil u b my guide or a guru..........???u know why im writing dis? presently,im doing MBA.but my plannigs were sumthing else.actually i think,buiding career is a big dealin case of girls belonging 2 middle class...................would u like 2 say abt ur future plannings????????

Tintumon said...

Hai Abhinav Thank you for your bloggs.................................go aheads

aparna sharma said...

hello abhinav.how is life now?resting....heared that u going for a talk show.best of luck Mr."SHY".WELL BE LIKE THIS.DONT SHOW THAT U WILL CHANGE.in all wishing u nd ur family a very happy new year.enjoy..if u spare a lil time then, may can wish me best for my new year..just kidding.i know u dont have time..
but if any SOMEhow then..aparna_thejolly@yahoo.com.is open.

aparna sharma said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...



challa srinivas said...

Hi abhinav
u can update ur blog yaar


RiYo said...

Nice to read your blog !
a way to reach out to people and tell us what you think!

My article- 1 Gold for a country of billion !on why
India's olympic performance

Anonymous said...

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vetha said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

çocuk halısı
banyo paspası

Abhi said...

Gud..job Abhinav....

That there was not yet said...


sarita said...

Dear Abhinav,

I would love to be friends with you. Please email me at simtaj@hotmail.com or add me on facebook as a friend.



Anonymous said...

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