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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Saturday, August 23, 2008

A few answers....

Saturday, August 23, 2008 – 6:34 AM
i would like to respond today to a few of the questions in my comments(i do read this section :)) and i know that will not be able to respond to each and every comment and so i apologize for that. Firstly i would like to say how overwhelmed i am that i have so many well wishers and supporters who are just as happy and proud of the gold medal as i am. I never expected such a turn out and i am really touched by such a huge and gracious turn out.
Which leads me to my next point... in my last posting i had posted the question of "what next?" and there have been lots of comments on that and i would like to dedicate an entire post on that in the coming days. However i would like to say that i want to use this time now when people are willing to listen to my opinion for the greater good of indian sport and actually go out there and make a difference.
I think it is important that we do this in a team effort where the more the merrier and only when we all join hands can there be a change for the better in the Indian system. So i am in the process of starting off with a shooting plan and i will also write more about this once it is finalized.
the truth is that everyone can do something to help indian sport... it doesn't have to be monitory and even someones support behind an athlete gives a big and much needed boost. So if we all do our bit, even the smallest gesture makes a big difference in the long and winding journey to the top.
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Subbiah said...

Congrats Abhinav!!!

raj said...

can we know ur mail id

Anonymous said...

Wow i m the 3rd one to comment. YIPEE!!!!

Barinder said...

thanks for continouing ur blog.
i am eager to know more about 'abhinav'.

vidhi said...

nice post! i accept ur words.

kchahal said...

hi abhinav i knw its hard for u to reply to every post of urs....nd dere r mny pple wanting to connect to u... well i dont knw of others but reading ur blog daily has become a habit for me... ihpoe dis some way of connecting to u......
dont really knw dat if i m ur fan xactly.... but i do hav an intention to knw the real person behind dat MONK...nd hey its through the net only ....

mystiquegirl said...

i m feelng so gud 2 know dat U do read d comments.its gr8 dat U r in d process of a plan 2 help d INDIAN sport.
ABHI U can become d carrier of revolution in indian sport n evry young indian wl b wid U surely
aftr readng yor blog 2day i m sure dat yor plan wl make INDIA a PROPER OLYMPIC COUNTRY.
and ONE LUCKY DAY v wl get d highest medal counts in OLYMPIC.ABHI u jst need 2 blow d ember n v yong guns of INDIA wl turn it into a raging inferno.
wat'ng desprtly 4 yor plan.......... evry INDIAN WID U jst GO 4 IT

Anonymous said...

Hello ji, waise wheres ur yesterday's post?? Good to read this post.

I appreciate that u read the comments section. You only write about sports and whatever u think is worth mentioning.It is infact a good thing, but once in a while, u can write just the casual stuff regarding ur life. I wud luv to know it.Afterall, we all r human beings and its good to interact.Anyways i just said what i felt.Just think of it. ok.

Well whether i hv anything important to say abt ur post or not, i still reply to it everytime. i think everyone agrees to what u write as we all r aware of the sports scenario in the country.So its good to do something for its development.

So now i m waiting for ur next post.i think u wont post tom n wil relax on sunday. i was waiting for ur post yesterday but there wasnt any.Anyways, enjoy n hv a great time.

Vik said...

Good to know you have something in mind that can be worked on/developed.It's not too early to begin preparing with London in mind and again good to know that the appreciation is coming through as a positive rather than burdening you.Goodluck Abhi! Without jumping the gun ,can I say that I am excited ?:)

Parul said...

Its parul here.I am so overwhelmed by your comment that you really read this section.
It has bring a new hope in me that sooner or later i would talk to you about my dreams that i want to share with you. I will daily ask you to contact me until & unless you would contact me & fulfill my dream.
I want to tell you that be regular on your blog. It feels sad when i see that yiu havn't written. It's a request from your one of the fans & a desirable friend.


Go on with your Shooting Plan..think more bigger...Like Seb Coe, who is behind the organization and implementation of the scheme of London Olympics, who was the winner of two olympic golds, one day you may be required to this Nation, not just as the first winner of the Olympic Gold but the best organizer behind Indian Olympics

surabhi said...

hi abhinav
this is surabhi and swathi from hyderabad.

my hearty congrats 2 ur success which has made u to be inspiration for many people even a normal girl like me..
im wondered that how can you manage 2 write blog everyday even in your busy schedule.
can u give me few tips of achieving success in any thing

Anonymous said...

heyy have you getting time to check all comments?? howw??


hi abhinav,
i want to contribute to ur sport
bcos i m a national player in swimming.
i represented my state in various national competitions like national games, etc.
but swimming is totally diferrent sport from urs but i can contribute in that also.
u r having a great experience better than me. i hv learnt a few sport and also compete in tht.
u can contact anytime on my email id i.e. ankitagupta31@gmail.com.
if i contribute i think tht i ll be a very lucky person.
take care

reachme said...

Hi Abhinav!this is my first comment on your blog so first of all I would like to Congratulate you for the marvellous job you have done and am expecting another gold in London 2012.I completely agree to what you've said.I would like to say one more thing...Please don't engage yourself in doing endorsements and all that stuff like some sportsperson do as it only affects one's performance.-Nikita

harshdeep kaur said...

hi abhinav ,
i just get surprised that you read the comments. thanks for reading it.
abhinav ,i like your calm & compose persnality, bcoz very few pepole are like you.so i want to say that dont change your attitude, be your self. i want to know that how would you able to mantain your mind set up during usual trainig & olympics.

Kannan said...

Hi Abhi,
Congrats for your gold and more importantly for trying to get more gold for India through other great sportsperson in this country.

I think you are wise enough to start the process with your strength i.e shooting. Since you know what are the infrastructure other will be in need. Like some youngster were asking for mental strength questions.

But i feel that you are going in the right direction. But express your opinion to media too so that corporates hear your visions for Indian Olympic movement.

Also, i was happy to know about coach Jagdish Singh and his unconventional method of training for his boxing trainees. So this tells if you have the right person at the helm of affairs even the SAI will produce more medals.

I think if you succeed in your Shooting plan then even the government will start looking at your model. Like you said support can be small like asking suggestions from your supporters and you can pick the best suggestion or combination of different suggestion from your supporters.

It is always better when more brains are working together than one. I know you cannot reply to all comments and i want you to work smart and we are smart enough and happy to see that you are reading the comments ( that is more important)...maybe do reply to girls because maybe they have something else in mind..just kidding buddy..keep up your good work...at least we are their to support your endeavor and you deserve praise for thinking beyond your gold medal...One interesting thing i came across was China's first individual gold came in shooting....so who knows India's Olympic revolution movement all starts with your shooting gold...

preetika said...

hi Abhinav...well I just came across ur interview on t.v(the one at ur place)...I appreciate the importance you gave to the 'journey' part...sometimes the journey is as beautiful if not more than the end result...

good to know that u do read the comments...I've never really commented on any well-known person's blog before...the sceptic in me!!!But really glad to know that u read the comments...much appreciated:)thx

jaspriya said...

hi... i dont think u read ur comments section carefully cos u havnt replied to few of my queries:))....anyways i feel its not only the sports the whole outlook of the country needs a change...nd each one has to contribute to it according to one's own capacity...u've motivated lots of young minds but wat u need to do more is to help thm getting in it...u had to go abroad for all the help in brain training nd stuff....u can help the youngsters get it in here india...ppl still hav misconceptions tht we dont hav facilities in india bt we do hav provided they r utilised well...
cant believe u actually went thru brain mapping nd all..tht was ur determination nd u hav the award round ur neck....

got over with ur interview "on the couch with koel" nd it was mind blowing altho i've never missed any earlier as well.....
take care nd hav great time wit ur chhotu nd buddy:))......

jina said...

yes basically we always wait for others to initiate...thats bad ..i know me too i love sports but cricket fever is too heavy that i could not see beyond that but your GOLD!!!! made me feel proud that i too wants to support what u said a small gesture also helps...really everything is not that easy....All THE BEST for your sports movement...n really curious about what next?...we all are there 4 u nation bright star we salute u...so tell YOUR "PLAN A" we will support...thyanx 4 reading the post ...me too daily i started reading ur blog...i m accustom to it...so do write blog...

Bhaskar Tripathi (hellBoy) said...

Abhinav Bhai,
Tum lakhon mei ek nahi ho,...karodo mei bhi ek nahi ho....balki ek Arrab logon mei ek ho.
You have made every Army man proud,Every soprts lover proud,every industrialist proud,every true son of this nation proud.
You have the EYE OF THE TIGER dood!!

Abhinav Bhai, when tricolor was raised in Beijing above all other flags,I was so deeply indepted to see that I could not stop my tears of joy.

Youngsters like You(and unknown ones like ME too..:) ) will take India on top of the world one day.
My hats off and lots of thanks to you for winning the Glory for India.

"It is our wits that make us men !"

Mina Jade said...

Hello, I grew to be more and more interested in your life since I've heard your achievements (which I would like to say congratulations for...).

Nice of you to answer the comments.
Best wishes,
Mina Jade

vetha said...
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vetha said...
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Jason said...

Congrats!I'm sure you know what a great achievement your gold medal is but I'm sure as the days go by you are going to be hit by the sheer load of responsibilty and the expectation of this huge nation which already OWNS you.Like it or not ,you are public property now dear! I shudder to think how you are going to cope.I feel you value your privacy and space much more than the average indian and therefore ,it's a tough road ahead, I'm afraid.All the best! Whatever happens some of us will understand

Jyotsna Tomer said...

Hi Abhinav,
This is true that a person is the best judge of his/her own circumstances.....Only you knows that what kind of tough period you had gone through to reach here...many sleepless nights....just working on only one aim....shooting....shooting....and shooting nothing else....
We only can hope that infact everyone is expecting that you will do something to bring improvement in Indian sports....now you are a celebrity and ofcourse you do have resources....Here is a prayer for you.....
May you achieve whatever you are thinking now.

phoenix said...

i so wanna yell " o wow! yay!"

an god knows what not.. cant tell hjow just how proud it makes us all feel to be a tiny yet significant part of the history that YOU created! it means so much to all of us, whom you had represented!

thank you for putting us back on the world map!

kudos to you my friend

Indianize the world said...

Yea abhinav..if its going to b anyone who can change it is u...coz the amt of adulation u get (u deserve it!!!)is huge.plzzz continue to wrk towards the rise of sports in our country.
we wil al contribute in watevea way u can!!!
i admire u and u continue to inspire me!
the more i see u the more i get goosebumps!!!ur intervies are just awesome!!!
simplicity tats wat u personify!!


srilu....the sweeeeeeeeetest of all said...

hiii......saw WALK THE TALK program of ur's in NDTV;first of all... i really donno nything abt ur sport; am happy dat u described abt it for everyone;And hope the prevailing system in India(regarding sports) would definitely change 'coz V bagged 3 medals dis time;
And mainly i was really thrilled 'coz u started off wid shooting jus as a hobby...twas gr8... Then...y don u create an account in orkut?I guess everbody wud b really pleased:)
I am very much used to reading ur blog daily...am happy dat u read comments written by us....:)Keep Blogging Abhinav:)

:-) said...

You know the problem in India is "infrastructure". I think you got away as you come from affluent family and training wasn't a problem. Be it there in your farm house or in Germany. But unfortunately, for others who have to bear the dire state of affairs. So, even if they make it to the Olympics, is an achievement. And once they win, well you are the best to judge what happens. Suddenly, the limelight shifts to that sport, atleast momentarily. The Govt. needs to focus on spending the money well, if they really rooting for more Olympic medals in London.
But again, saying is one thing as everyone does the talking. As said "Be the change you want to see in the world" "Speak now or hold your peace forever."
Which simply means, I shouldn't be talking since i am not doing anything for the change, but i guess someone has to speak their mind as well. For nobody knows what brings about da change.. :-)
Al da best for ur endeavors, itz not going to be easy but then itz not impossible as well. I 'm sure itz a step in the right direction, so keep ur head high and heart clear of all confusions n chaos.. :-) Remember,alwayz to speak your mind and follow your heart, & you 'll go places.. :-)
Sorry for the rambling..!!

srilu....the sweeeeeeeeetest of all said...

And one more...I want to know the secret behind ur cool,calm nd composed personality....Even after winning ur Gold Medal...U were as if U hav nt achieved nything....How have u developed it in u?I think this suggestion wud help everyone(nt only in sports)but also in their respective fields....

thegameabh said...


Deepika said...

good to hear from u, abhinav! i agree to whatever u said!!

Sunny said...


You will always remain in the history books for future generations.

You have created hope for over a billion people!


HaPPi Like a HiPPo

NOmad said...

Hi Abhinav...CONGOS on ur Golden glory...

But to be very honest to you, i dont think that your success story is that of a normal Indian or common Indian and it cannot be considered as the arrival of India on the Olympic stage, as almost all of your traning and expenses were self funded.

Moreover, i really didnt like the way different governments, authorities and certain organizations declared huge amounts of Award money for you.

I think this is where we Indians generally misplace our priorities.

You, as the only individual Indian Gold Medalist, are already in way of roping in huge sums of endorsement fees now and even without them you are self sufficient.

I would like to ask you, dont you think, these huge amounts of award money, if were used to fund future, capable, needy and "medal promising" athletes, it would have been much better?

anjooran said...

201, 31, 49, 1325, 922, 189, 266, 79, 76, 84, 231, 87, 92 and 34.
These are the number of comments appeared in response to the postings on your blog.
Multiply it into 25 who read and not commented(let's assume) which totals to
1,129,866,154 is the population of India as of July 2008 estimate.
We all have to do and can do a little more effort to support sports(other than cricket).
Eagerly waiting for your plans.

Pushan said...

great thoughts abhinav.... great to kno that after having done so well at the olympics u've not hung ur boots... it nice to kno ur keen willingness to improve the sporting structure of the country

Pushan said...

n ya congrats for the new volvo... looks like a beauty... njoi

nonstopthinker said...

First of all congrats sir for this spectacular win..and happy to hear to that you are interested in helpin the Indian young sporsters..i hope that will serve as a huge boost to Indian sport..keep it up

rashmi said...

Its great to see that you are reading the comments,well I think you should try n read the comments beacause some of comments posted are really good.Keep reading the comments dear!!
The 3 medals that we have won are enough to change the mindset of our cricket crazy nation, and India's mindset and attitude towards other sports is changing.
We won 3 medals but the performance of the players like Akhil,Saina,Jitender and many more have been noteable and this has reignited people's beleif in our atheletes.
Its great to see that you want to do something for Olympic sports in India, and now is the right time to do something as people are willing to listen to you.You do have a golden heart Abhinav as you are willing to help other atheletes.Looking forward to see your plan.We will try and help you in any way possible.
Good Luck
Now I am waiting for your next post!!!

Premlal Kannur said...

Hi Abinav,
Congrats for raising India to the Heights !! May god bless you.

VIDYA said...

:) been watching your interviews on tv, walk the talk was good, do you have any ADS/Tv Commercials in the pipeline??

Vik said...

Not much that I can add here that hasn't already been said, but read about the Olympic training facility in Krishnagiri ,TN in one comment.It seems like things are picking up;Eager to know about the structure you've thought about putting in place ,in due course.I don't foresee any challenges in getting the word around or garnering the support.Cheers.

Abhinav said...

Hi sir,
My name is also Abhinav,I'm Abhinav Dhere.So the common name is a reason that you have been inspiring me for excellence with each of your success.Thus I thank you a lot for this inspiration and Congratulations for the gold.Keep up the good work.
Thanks & regards,
Abhinav Dhere

Anonymous said...

I MEAN....


....Abhilash.... said...

Hello Abhinav!!!

Nice to know life is getting back to normal for you. Just happened to see ur interview on NDTV. You looked very uneasy giving the interview.

It indeed was a very good thing you did to go away for training prior olympics. Because like u said the whole media would ve been going around to create a huge hype a week before olympics, which could be appreciated if they go behind the athletes all through the year.

Anyways why would they go behind something with no glamour or money. Sad to say but cricket is the only game with glamour and money.

I really feel very bad about all the people who ve taken up other sports with a lot of dedication and dreams cause they are given no good support.

India having received 3 medals this olympics we all must take this opportunity make a great difference for the future.

I ve a dream of setting up a football school for the young talents in future.

I hope everyone realise they should do every small bit they can.

Wish you all the best for future.

Sumedha S. said...

So I'm a bit late but congratulations on your achievement, Abhinav.I never thought much of the Olympics and stories like Kashaba Jadhav's just made me more apathetic.Thanks to you, things will improve.Here's hoping.
Continue your blog please.It makes for fun reading.

....Abhilash.... said...

Forgot to mention!!!!!


They did all of us proud, fighting the odds and making it to podium.

I happened to see the facilities the boxers get on one of the news channel. I think we should all stand up and salute these guys for having lion's heart to do it.

And CONGRATUALION to each and every person who represented India in the olympics!!! I hope you all and the up coming talents get all the facilities they require to bring up a revolution in Indian sports.

CONGRATULATIONS to the India football team as well for making it to the Asia Cup, Qatar.

Anonymous said...

Hey, firstly hearty congrats!! You're probably sick of hearing it, but we're really proud of you!

A small question.. What is the framework for shooting in India? Do we have a national association and state associations and stuff?

ps-blogrolled u :)

nevah said...

congrats abhinav..keep on writing..Nw i am a regular reader of yours.Today one of our leading news paper there was an article that congatulates your achievement apart from that there was a "comparison between abhinav and Vijendar''.Have you ever think that if you born with out a silver spoon in your mouth,you can achieve this.?please don't feel bad.i just ask thats it..you are really amazing abhinav...you made india proud..for 106 crore people..there is only one GOLD medel!!!!


Congrats Abhinav/////


Sudarshan Ulagaraj said...

Congratulations Abhinav...........................



Rashma said...

Hearty Congrats Abhinav
Belated,but from my heart.
U really do know how to treat ur doggies.

I m proud of u & feel for u like my own brother.

varsha said...

sir, i learnt that u attended a mental training course at munich of sports mental management. could u pls tell me how i could also attend that course for i also want to be mentally stronger. i m an air pistol shooter but need some mental guidance. and pls also tell me the minimum age recquired for attending that course pls do contact me at varshavarman@gmail.com. i would really appreciate u doing it since u r so busy with media and all. have a nice day.

varsha said...

sir, i learnt that u attended a mental training course at munich of sports mental management. could u pls tell me how i could also attend that course for i also want to be mentally stronger. i m an air pistol shooter but need some mental guidance. and pls also tell me the minimum age recquired for attending that course pls do contact me at varshavarman@gmail.com. i would really appreciate u doing it since u r so busy with media and all. have a nice day.

varsha said...

sir, i learnt that u attended a mental training course at munich of sports mental management. could u pls tell me how i could also attend that course for i also want to be mentally stronger. i m an air pistol shooter but need some mental guidance. and pls also tell me the minimum age recquired for attending that course pls do contact me at varshavarman@gmail.com. i would really appreciate u doing it since u r so busy with media and all. have a nice day.

varsha said...

sir, i learnt that u attended a mental training course at munich of sports mental management. could u pls tell me how i could also attend that course for i also want to be mentally stronger. i m an air pistol shooter but need some mental guidance. and pls also tell me the minimum age recquired for attending that course pls do contact me at varshavarman@gmail.com. i would really appreciate u doing it since u r so busy with media and all. have a nice day.

swapnaja said...

it's good to see that you believe in the upliftment of sport .
but with a government as apathetic as ours and a sports minister who doesn't know the names of his leading sportsmen , do you really think that this can happen ?
it was really disheartening to see vijender accepting his medal in the absence of the IOA officials . It has to be a team effort , but how will it succeed with a sports ministry as mediocre as ours ....... where medals determine funds and not the other way .... the private sector has to come ahead and invest more in sports ... thats probably the only way .
as fellow Indians we promise to stand by you in all your efforts .. keep doing the good work .
best wishes

anaa said...

congrats...you are a winner from 1,027,015,247 indians!

Sidhusaaheb said...

Hi there!

Firstly, I think that all those media persons who have had such a huge problem with you remaining dignified and gracious in the moment of greatest glory require to be told that the answer they seek lies in the fact that Abhinav Bindra is a GENTLEMAN.

As to those who do not know what the term Gentleman really means, Rudyard Kipling has written an extensive explanation that can be accessed at http://www.businessballs.com/ifpoemrudyardkipling.htm .

Secondly, I agree with you that you can utilise this window of opportunity, when every one is all ears, to air your opinion on all that really requires to be done to improve the lot of Indian sport in general and shooting in particular.

Best wishes!

Nikita said...

Yesterday you were there on almost all news channels and it's good to see that you are thinking of helping other deserving aspirants in realising their dreams.
3 medals in a year are so cherished by us all, and this is just the beginning it seems.
Good Luck for all ur future endeavors.

Anonymous said...

Hi Abhinav,

I've been a regular reader of your posts. And its heartening to know that you read our comments. I have few points(suggestions) regarding the essential change that Indian sporting system needs.

1. Bring all Sporting federations under the purview of RTI(Right To Information) act. This will bring certain amount of transparency in system.

2. Chuck out Unkiel Kalmadi. He had good enough amount of Globe Trotting. Now its time to pass the baton, and our federations and associations need a professional outlook.

3. Changing our mindset. Probably, most difficult of all. We as citizens have to send our kids in to sports. Things don't happen overnight, but avalanche of financial rewards are good enough to set things on track.


news said...

You have super a blog!!! Mach further so You can write on my new side times a comment like you it find! Me would make happy…. until then and much fun still

Simi said...

congrats and goodluck abhinav!

maya seshagiri said...

congratulations!!!!!we r extremely proud of u. :)

cryptosid said...


Pradip said...

Many Congrats Abhinav.

I would love to see you take initiative and change the way people look towards olympics and atheletes in India. Go beyong the NOC and speak in the media about the various promotions ad companies and various financers can give to Atheletes apart from cricket.

Hope to see more Indians coming along in olympics, and getting medals. We deserve, but we do not strive.

Hope for the best and congratulations...


Afsha said...

Hey!!First of all congratulations!!!I read your blog everyday for inspiration yes u r definitely very very inspiring(n im sure alot of ppl have told u that by now)!You've made us all so so proud!!!!!You've intoduced Indians to a new set of possibilities :)
I dont even know whether you will read this but i had to congratulate you!Thanks for getting Chandigarh on the world map!
P.S you're from Stephens or St.Johns?
Please do try and reply it will be great!

Blogger said...


Had you ever imagined or anticipated that winning an Olympic Gold would bring you this kind of attention, adulation and prize money from all over the country? Overnight you have become the national hero.
Is it not stunning !


harshdeep kaur said...

hi abhinav,
i want to know that after winning the gold what would you think about the surrounding & your life?
also, what was your inspiration to to do such a hard work?
please tell the ansers of these . it is very important to know as it helps me to persue my aim & to achive my aim.please please guide me. i will wait for your answer.

lil mermaid said...

my god you r up at 6:30 in d morning...sote kb ho yaar....Jst wanted to CONGRATULATE n THANk you..hearing our national anthem at olympics was real proud moment..i had tears in my eyes..thank you..

Megha said...


You do say that everyone can do something to help Indian sport. I am sure like me many other individuals are more than willing to do so. But, apart from monetary help (which might not be feasible for all), what else can be done? Encouragement and support from our side is always there; it is just that we might not always voice it.

Let us know your views on this.


P.S. - As I have mentioned earlier as well, you write well. And with your regular additions to this blog, you'll have me hooked onto it! :)

rohit said...

hi Abhhinav
its very nice to hear
that u r planning out some stuff
to help other shooters
shooters like me r in desprate need of something like this
since the only person right now with me to realise my dreams is me
i would be very nice if u could help
i do not have a coach
my parents r also very unhappy with my shooting
cant afford anything but for a rifle and a kit
i would be happy if u could help

Amit Vyas said...

hey, good to see that u actively involve urself in updating ur blog. the article wirtten "In search for some normalcy..... " quite like describes u well and also the social meessage u pass on by creating awareness about the usage of the gun. now this blog is into my bookmarks and am going to be a frequent visitor and poster out here.

janvi said...

hey abhinav....kudos to you!!...good to hear that normalcy has set in( or so it seems like :)!!!)...like u truly said.."what next?"...where do you go from here???...you are at the pinnacle...youv've finally been there, done that!!!....but looks like u have seem to have found an answer to the most pivotal quest "What next"...would like to hear more on the plan----

besides that would love to hear a little more of abhinav...whn not shooting!

regards & tc ...janvi rane, mumbai

Anonymous said...

HATS off!!!!

Anonymous said...




We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit. – Aristotle



Anonymous said...

we are proud of you.

Afreen said...

Hey Abhinav, this is Afreen from Dubai....congratulations for making indians all over the world so proud to have u shooting! :)

vamsi parimi said...

Haven't seen any of your Olympic videos/photos through NBC from US. How about posting few on your site?


Anonymous said...



Smruti said...

hi abhinav
yesterday i saw ur interview on
CNBC TV18 - Beautiful People.
That was a great one...
and what i liked in it was
the last section of ur interview
where u explained what exactly ur sport is....
quite difficult.......
u said anyboby can get addicted to it....
if u start doing it.....
hmmmm might be....


Blogger said...


I hope you agree that parents have a big role to play in shaping up the future sports champions for the country. They need to adopt a more positive attitude in encouraging their kids to take up sports seriously right from kindergarten. They should nurture in them a passion for outdoor life and sports.

Many parents fear that their child would face a tough life as there is no money to be made or any kind of support system for the average sports person in this country.
The government must do its best to remove that apprehension and provide the required infrastructure, facilities and funds to promote a healthy sports culture throughout the country.

Without that happening, let us forget we can do much better at any coming Olympics.


Fayas_Karuvankuzhi said...

i don't send you a vast reply
i just say that I love you so much
u gave us a gold medal and kept the prestige of india

May god bless you ever
I would like to make friendship with you
plz send a reply to fayaskaruvankuzhi@gmail.com

love u lot

Gauri said...

Congrats Abhinav, we are really proud of you

snowhite said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
snowhite said...

what are u gonna do wid prize money????????
v need money 4 a very good cause...see if u cn help us...actually v want 2 construct a school of revolutionaries..where every child will be groomed to prove their mettle to the world and wud have capability to revolutionize the thoughts of suppressed minds.....
if u are genuinly interested plzz lemme know....
at aastha_boora@yahoo.com

Suzlon_PMP said...

Hi Abhi,
It's great to be the first golden boy of India.
I want to know more about the rifle shootimg.
When one should start rifle shootimg.


abhinav , i heard ur comment on CNBC last night , that you lost a lot of money in stock markets..as you have made us all indians proud..i will be there for helping you out anytimein the stock markets...pls go thru my blog:


my email is bhrajan@gmail.com
cheers& god bless
rajan bhatia

maxash said...

What Next ? .... Abhinav .. nothing less then a gold again in LONDON... and after that you have all your life to train and groom people..

We want to see u on the same podium in ENGLAND.... Gunning them down after 1947 once again...

Sujit Zine

deepika said...

Congratulations Abhinav...
Would like to see you in 2012 olympics too winning the GOLD MEDAL..

deepika said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Rajeshwar said...

Hi Abhi,

You have begun it, hope it's just the beginnig of new era of Gold medals at olympics. We can expect many more in the future.

Very much of proud of you!


Stuti said...

Well, it is indeed very much pleasing and exciting to know that you are planning for your contribution to the future sports of our nation. I wish you all the choiciest blessings of God in life and may you succeed in your plans. The concluding ceremony was as magnificent as it could be, right? Good day:>

Shoaib said...

hey abhinav....

congrats :) ....

and all the best for all ur future ventures and wish u successes for the same....

hint: u cud sell ad-space in ur blog assuming the immense popularity of it :) and cud use it for ur sports ventures tooo :) ... wishing u all the best and may there be more abhinav bindra's in our nation of a billion who single handedly bought a nation together...

thanks and congrats once again :)

vini said...

wel abhinav..saw ur interview on ndtv..superb attitude u hav got..
neways..congrats and wish u success n watevr u do.. :)

Parul said...

hi!!!!!! ABHINAV
Is there any superstition you believe in?????
Why you take gaps in writing your blog????
Do you know that it is the only medium through which i can communicate you so its a humble request to be regular on your blog as i am.
I want to know your e-mail id. Can I please?
I also want to know about your personal life as what kind of person you are & what are your tastes & preferences. I will be extremely happy if you would answer these questions & secondaly if you would be regular on your blog.

queen_mars17 said...

Before he left for the olympics i had only heard about Abhinav Bindra. having heard about his shooting exploits, i had pictured an average looking geek in his late twenties.(what i want to say or rather ask is that y don't our newspapers ever give any pictures of Sportspersons unless they win an olympic medal????).. and then he disappeared..then suddenly one day while i was having a tough day in college a friend of mine comes and announces "yipee!!! india won its first gold medal in Beijing olympics" and sets me jumping..but they dint know who was the guy who won?(some guy who's surname begins with begins with B).. i had to get back home to know it was Abhinav Bindra.."wat?" i thot, " this guy is still playing?" suddenly i kno everything about this guy?? Funny how life changes... at i felt bad about was the fact that we did not even think about this guy until he actually arrived in our lives with a bang!! That golden light was necessary to open our eyes!! that doesn't happen with cricket?? i thot.. (i hate comparng other sports with cricket but can't help it).. but then i thot.. Even cricket had to prove itself in 83.. that's where our obsession began right.. and so it will be the case with other sports too.. unfortunate but true.. such is life!!

Tanu said...


Man i knw it would be so difficult for you to go thru sooooooooo many comments.. However, i can mk myself happy by sending u this msg no matter u read it or nt.. Congrats.. May God Bless U... Reaaaalllly PROUD of U man...Jai Hind...

rakhi said...

i dn't knw i'm a fan or not!bt i do knw i respect u a lot.nt b'coz u r d first indian 2 get an olympic medal,i respect ur determination n courage.i watchd ur interview in sum channel n became really shockd at sum of their questions...aftrall u r a spotsperson...y d hell shud dey ask abt which bollywood heroine u wnt 2 go out wit...bt u reactd vry aptly n i respect u 4 dat.i dn't knw if wat i'm sayin is rite or whether i hav d authority 2 say dis-pls dn't waste ur time attendin such stupid interviews.as u said in ur last post,if u r plannin 2 do sumthin 2 help d indian sports,all our prayers n supports wit u...go ahead n let evrythin u r plannin, get wrkd in a way u wnt dem 2...

amay said...

u done well for our country
i proud of u?

amay said...

u done well for our country
i proud of u?

LJ said...

From the U.S.,

Congratulations Abhinav for winning one of the hardest competitions in the Olympics.

You are an inspiration for all shooters world wide.

L.J. Burgess

Sanjay said...

Hi Abhinav!!!
First of all, mandatory CONGRATULATIONS for forcing me to treat my frineds on 11th Aug.
It is difficult to gain your attention amidst all these comments but this is important. You wrote about the shooting plan you are trying to come up with. Actually, I already have a B-Plan for development of sports ( I am a MBA student of XLRI,Jamshedpur) and determined to go ahead with it. For that, I am looking for partners who can help Indian Sports. I am using the words B-Plan and partners because in India, sports is looked at as a charity job ( a part of CSR for corporates)- I think this needs to be changed because if India needs to excel then sports has to be made a viable career options and then only youngster will start taking sports seriously.
If the paragraph above strikes you, then please contact me - sanjay.mmmec@gmail.com or 09771693080.

PS- I have written an article on your journey from 1996 (since I am following your progress) to 2008. If you want to read it, tell me a place where I can send a copy.

Divija said...

hi Abhinav. i want to congratulate u for winning a gold medal and making every INDIAN feel proud.we all support u for the contribution u want to make in sports in India.I read ur editoral in Times Of India today-it was very inspiring.And i think that more coaching and scholarships should be given to talented tribals and villagers.And the money is eaten away by the officials responsible for providing money to athletes as we all saw it in Beijing Olympics.there is politics even in sending real talented athletes to tournaments.

neha said...

Hey Abhinav u hav realised d dream of a million ppl!!!
Do u hav plans of opening a Shooting Academy?

neha :) said...

hey abhinav do u hav any plans of starting a shooting academy?

Femin Susan said...

your blog breathe taking with the photos. I wish I had a blog like yours,so wonderful........
meet me at

Sriram said...

Hi abhinav its proud for me to comment to you.......any how if you can please give your Mail id please.......

s said...

hi abhinav..thank u so much for making us proud..u are truly an inspiration for so many of us.ur dedication and self belief is ur real wealth..never part them away frm u.i have been following all ur interviews on TV..tall me sometin u didn't bored of all those questions..asked to u so many times..hats off 2 u 4 ur so patient. take care n keep making us proud.

nishant said...

hello sir....
my name is nishant and i am 18 yrs old.i am ur fan since i first picked up shooting in my class 8th.i am also a peep sight shooter and have played many pre nationals and once national.my personal best is 381 out of 400. i know its not very gud...but i wanted to take help from u. i have done my schoolin from rimc which is in dehradun.my coach out there was mr. ashok shai....who himself has played in many international comp with u. he is ex army.
since i have passed out from my school...i have no more access to continue my dream.
i know that from this score i wont land anywhere....but as my coach used to always tell me.....i am very hard workin ...as u r.becoz in my school i didnt get time to do as much practise as i wanted....

i used to hear from many ppl that u r thwe most hard workin shooter in our national team...and that is why due to ur extra hardwork and no rest u got back problem....

sir....if u could help me in any way then plz let me know.i am from a middle class family and due to this i am not able to continue on my own.
i have also heard that u r goin to open a shootin range in chandigarh.i know that there r many ppl like me...and many better that me ...but i promise that if i get a chance...with my hardwork.....i will prove u that i am no less.
becoz...there is a sayin....hardwork always pays...and thats my moto...

sir...i know u dont have much time for my this mail...but if u do get ime then plz reply me on.....

shwetha said...

hi abhinavji,
am shweta frm mysore,karnataka...first of all i want to congratulate you for making us indians proud....hats off to you...you are a true inspiration to other budding shooters,and other sportspersons too...i liked ur way of motivation...u r a true leader who can lead the way...i agree with ur planning to help others to show their talents in sports...ur message is inspiring & hope tat everyone will surely support u...and i don't know about others but i think it can happen wen it becomes everybody's dream..it should not just be your dream...sir I SUPPORT YOU WHOLEHEARTEDLY & FROM TODAY ONWARDS ITS NOT JUST UR DREAM ITS OUR DREAM TO SEE INDIA SHINING IN OLYMPICS WITH BRIGHT INDIANS SHOWING OFF THEIR TALENTS SOON....ALL THE BEST...
and 1 more thing i wanted to ask u ...u can write little bit of ur day's account or life do u think sir?becoz u too r a human being & u too hav living of ur own..it would be pleasure to read about how u feel ur day,or life sometimes.....
one request to u sir,can u please give ur email-id??it wud giv grateful of u...althou i felt little relief after coming to this site which is urs and ur writings which r heartwarming and inspiring...YOUR MESSAGES SPEAKS VALUES ABOUT FUTURE SPORTS PLANS...
once again I CONGRATULATE YOU WHOLEHERTEDLY FOR WINNING A GOLD MEDAL IN OLYMPICS AND MAKING US PROUD....i already was ur fan..now am glad i got a chance to congratulate u and hope to keep in tuch...
ONE MORE REQUEST DO COME TO MY PLACE IF POSSIBLE WEN YOU VISIT MYSORE....it wud be nice..to see u....saasriakaal...bye.gud nite sir...take care...

shwetha said...

hi abhinavji,
I WANT TO WISH YOU ON YOUR BIRTHDAY in advance SIR...may you get much more happiness n prosperity,sweets n surprises, well wishes n well being,blessings n strength,luv n care on your d-day...take care sir...hope to see ur reply soon..HAVE A COLORFUL AND WONDERFUL BIRTHDAY ABHINAVJI....BYE...

Cornelis said...


Cornelis said...

Please keep going, you are an example to us all!


rubina said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
shreya shukla said...


diksha said...

hi abhinav,i just wann2 say dat ur a grt inspiration 4 all.im highly influenced by ur spirit and dedication.ur several yrs of commitment have led u towards the satisfaction of self actualisation needs.i begin 2 know ur family has been a grt moral n financial support 4u.as in india dere is grt lack of proper system.ur efforts towards indian sports ia a grt deal.i believe i wil learn a lot frm u.wish u d best 4 future always.

Anonymous said...



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