Abhinav Bindra's Road to Beijing

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Thursday, September 18, 2008


Thursday, September 18, 2008 – 1:01 AM
have tried (unsuccessfully) for the last couple of weeks to cut myself off the phone/internet/television and really introspect and actually rest up after a hectic first half of my life. So would like apologize to my readers for sporadic posts and really being missing but i am in a weird frame of mind lately with so many things on my plate adn really not knowing where to start....
for starters I am now trying to focus on giving back to shooting and actually doing some assessments on what is really required and best to go about doing things that will be most beneficial to our shooters. The most important thing to winning a medal is to have the right plan and right vision and hopefully when i give these someone will listen.
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Karthik B.S. said...

yes.. plan and vision is must if we have any chance of winning medals in the future.

Vik said...

Awesome.Good to hear from u.

光速小子 said...


harapriya said...

Thanks for your comeback we know that you need some rest after years of hard work and toil. But we people really look up at you for some writing and suggestions that would help the sportspersons of India. Looking ahead for some plan that would help India in a long run
Take care

Prashant Iyer said...

Dear Abhinav,

Congratulations on your wonderful feat !! To be very frank I really didn't know who you were before you won the gold medal for India after a long gap of many years..I have a question for...I do agree that players like you, Vijendra Kumar and Sushil Kumar deserve accolades for bringing glory to our country but instead of giving so many cash awards to you and the other players..Don't you think our Indian Management should act prudently on how to use these funds and apply them more on improving our pathetic working conditions...
These windfall gains...ok..I am sorry if I'm being harsh..but financially these cash awards won't make much difference to you !! This is just my opinion..But then again I must congratulate your great achievement..after all it has come after years of hard work and perseverence


•♥•♥Vicky♥•♥• said...

"most important thing to winning a medal is to have the right plan and right vision"

you are best one here mate.
And no need for apologies buddy.
We all understand.

take care and be the person you are


Natasha said...

The one thing you have managed to do, which no other sportsman in recent memory has done is to command respect at a person who cares for Indian sports, and who knows what he is talking about.

Others have been successful too, and popular, but they have always looked out for themselves (and that is not a bad thing either), so have failed to make the kind of impact that I am sure you would be able to make.

All the best and the nation is depending on you to put it along the right sporting path.

sanchali said...

Finally you write again...thanks! :)
Anywayz,Good Luck in whatever you do...

reachme said...

Hi Abhinav!
Congrats for receiving doctrate.It was good to hear from you eventually.Introspection is a good thing(Even my mom keeps telling me about meditation and all these stuff).Please take some time out of your hectic schedule for writing blogs.Take care

Pan said...

Thank God you thought of getting back into bloggin!:)
Hoping to hear more from you.

Saheli said...

It is quite normal that u require some rest from all of these but it should not be for 20 days.......SORRY to say this..bt we people eagerly waiting for ur words..so plz understand our condition.......Better late than never.thanks for ur comeback.i love the way of ur talking......u r really a humble person....no doubt of it!there are so many questions waiting for u,i hope u will try to answer some/all of these(!!!!!)....what about ur rest period? best of luck for every new thing/work plan u r doing.......plz forgive me if i crossed my limit/level of talking.

rohit said...

dont get lost this way
we feel lonely
i was scared man
as for now ur shooting plan is my only ray of hope

gud bye


hi abhinav
don't apologies we knw tht how much u r busy seriously.
all the best for ur future.
bye tc

swati said...


I wish, now your target should be to streamline sports policy of our govt. by being in it and revolutionize by detaching politicians interference/involvement in sports.

jumi said...

great to hear from after a lon......g interval.
had been dying to hear about ur new plans and policies...........

Parv Kaushik said...

hey ya i hav posted a poem on you... tho its pretty childish bt hope u like it!!!


Anonymous said...

You're not a very regular blogger are u :P

Oh well, besta luck in whatever ur tryin to do.. u sound like ur in a pretty philosophical mood rit now

Aurosikha said...

Hi Abhinav, its so nice to hear from u again.Thanks for your comeback.And no need of apologies, we do understand how busy u r.Afterall, u too need some time to rest.It is just a humble request to u that sometimes pl take out time from your hectic schedule as such. Bcoz we people r eagerly waiting for your words.Take care.

swapnaja said...

people will listen to you when it comes to the betterment of sports (hopefully). but as of now you deserve all the praise for knowing the exact loopholes in the sports organisation . also for rising to standards beyond the normal boundaries . plan and vision is a must and hoping that you succeed in your vision .
best wishes .

Sherel said...


so Abhinav finally your back with ur posts...and you see so many people waiting here for your posts...well..good luck and nice to see you back after 20 days...28th aug-18sept....pretty long time for me though...well

hope all things are fine and looking forward to the better...

you know what i heard Mr. Digvijay singh commenting on what you expressed in TOI on the august issure where in you were the Guest editor!...trsut me there is a vaste difference...his speech could say what he could not. and i really appreciate that you spoke up boldly in the media about the IOA's

inafct abhinav this is not only happening in the shooting part..its happening in every sports field possible...

hope to see something good from your side...

once again thanks for your post and if you do get time do have a glance into my blog its all about you...so now you won't say that you had no proposals coming your way and the other side of the grass is always greener.....heheheh

all the best

rashmi said...

Finally Finally you are back!!!
Hopefully you did have a nice relaxing time with your family and friends.I can understand you really needed some time off.
We need a vision and mission for London 2012 and also for Delhi 2010 Commonwealth. The future of Indian Sports will be very bright if we start working hard on it from today!!
Keep Blogging

Thanks and Good luck!!

Jasmine Kahlon said...

Hi Abhinav,

I have no idea why, as per NDTV, Divijay Singh is criticizing you and and Jaspal Rana. He says you are 'ungrateful' to the Shooting Federation and what not. I am not sure why and I am upset that he should say something like that about you instead of taking pride in your accomplishment. It seems he is upset over not being given credit for your win.

Rachna said...

Very proud of you for your single-minded determination which saw u winning a gold for India. There is a little vacuum when a gold is achieved and one is faced with the question of what next. Its good that you are taking time off to recharge yourself and to ponder on the direction your life must take from now on.

All the best to you.

Smruti said...

hmmmmm u r right....
right plan n right vision r very important factors for winning medals in future.....

Apart from this everyone at ur home must be really busy preparing for ur bday....
i think ull like a simple one....this year....
but be prepared....
ull have to go through a semi hectic schedule in this coming week....

CHEERpy TALK said...

i missed you and your words of wisdom...welcome back

Anonymous said...

hey!CONGRATULATIONS!!!.Firstly,i would like to confess something to you.I hardly knew anything about you until i was fortunate enough to see your final countdown of winning the gold medal on t.v.The next mrng i read all your articles issued in every magazine and newspaper.You've inspired me.I was really impressed with the way you handled your win.I cannot forget that image of you standing with your everlasting smile and being so calm inspite of creating history in the indian olympic win.You have made us proud and taken a step ahead in progession.You've given us hope to excel in something that probably our country does nt evn specialise in.I am not a sportsperson nor do i know much about your shooting.But i definitely inspired by your personality.Achiever,calm,focused,intellectual,smart,spectacular,affluent...the list is endless.However,i wish to ask you that as per my collected information you have a very reserved and snobbish nature.Is it true?Why do people perceive you like that.I wish you all good for the future and i hope you make many other success stories.Hope to meet you ever,if possible.God bless and take care.

Anonymous said...

there have been sme mistakes so i'm re-writing the comment.hey!CONGRATULATIONS!!!.Firstly,i would like to confess something to you.I hardly knew anything about you until i was fortunate enough to see your final countdown of winning the gold medal on t.v.The next mrng i read all your articles issued in every magazine and newspaper.You've inspired me.I was really impressed with the way you handled your win.I cannot forget that image of you standing with your everlasting smile and being so calm inspite of creating history in the indian olympic win.You have made us proud and taken a step ahead in progession.You've given us hope to excel in something that probably our country does nt evn specialise in.I am not a sportsperson nor do i know much about your shooting.But i definitely am inspired by your personality.I have a collection of all your articles.I have seen all your interviews.Abhinav bindra-Achiever,calm,focused,intellectual,smart,spectacular,affluent...the list is endless.However,i wish to ask you that as per my collected information you have a very reserved and snobbish nature.Is it true?Why do people perceive you like that.I wish you all good for the future and i hope you make many other success stories.Hope to meet you ever,if possible.God bless and take care.

Amit said...

What do u have to say of the recent "ungrateful" comment from Digvijay singh.Waiting for a fitting reply against this self serving, reflected glory seeker Indian sports officials.

shweta said...

hi abhinav...
i was desperately waiting to hear from u...!!! i m a huge fan of urs n i really wish dat sum day i cud meet u...!!!

i hav a little ques .. do u actually consider urself a loser???
i mean... ABHINAV BINDRA india's first individual gold medallist cannot consider himself a loser...
he is a world champion...!!and idol for millions(including me..)

a ya plzzzz do keep writing... coz v r alwayzzzz waiting..:-))

Anonymous said...

I agree.
Time/Rest is important.

Deepak said...

You never answer my statements which disappoints me Abhinav. Anyways, claw back with perfection and this NRAI controversy is just to defame your success. We know that officials have anyways no credit to take away. Just stay from media and rest of things will come to ease. media always look for masala and spoil people relationship.

mystiquegirl said...

hi abhi
1.prblms of earning d livlihood 4 his family:-a player frm a middle class family has 2 support his family ,wht his family wl eat if he is d only source of earning n remains busy in sports such a family wl simply nt support him playing beyond d gali or school,he wl nt b able 2 focus on his play n ultimately he has 2 leave it.

2.prblm of finding d talent:-a huge talent is gt'ng wasted in india ,v hv a prblm of identifyng it.hw a talented swimmer in far away village of orissa can b finded out???

3.prblm of nurturing d talrnt:-hiring 7-8 foreign coaches wl nt solve d prblm as v hv 2 wrk on d mass level,who wl go 2 coaches coach d players in villages as evry player simply dont live in cities.

4.PRBLM OF REACHING 2 D NEEDY N DEDICATED PLAYERS:-v hv 2 gv help 2 players at there own place as it is nt possible 4 evrybody 2 leave his house n cm n live in some sports hostel etc.
i DO HOPE U READ DIS POST N DISCUSS in following 1-2 posts abt d prblms of players as when v wl know abt d prblms n list dem den only v can set up a system of addresing dem.
ABHI wt'ng 4 yor nxt post..........!!!

Stuti said...

Tis good to se the same spirit even after a long time filled with praises, controversies and rewards. But its really a sorry state that our country is going through tense moments these days. I applaud to your helping-hand towards the flood-victims.
Well,,,, shooting is indeed an addictive sport, right? When are you going to resume it? I bet you are missing your addiction,,, and how is your plan of shooting institute going on? And hey! Now you even have a chance to shoot these unwanted terrorists, hahahahaa.
All the best for all your furthur plans!!! I bet you will surely get the fruit of this enthusiasm in the form of medals by those who look up at you and get the same zeal of determination.

Chandana said...

Hey Abhinav,
Congratulations on your Gold! That was really a job well done. I have read a few of your posts and I am genuinely amazed and excited to see that your passion isn't limited to your winning medals but also extends to the betterment of sports development in India. I play a few sports with passion and as a kid I often noticed with frustration, that sports in India is plagued with corruption at even the lowest levels apart from the lack of good facilities.
Yours is a wonderful goal and I wish you all success in your endeavors. I am sure a lot of us will extend our support in whichever form towards this.

aniridha said...

Hi abhinav
CONGRATULATIONS, you were terrific in olympics, could u please help me and give me some suggestions on how makeyour mind focus just on your goal not on any where else.while shooting nothing else come in your mind? please give me some tips for preparing our mind for hardwork.

nishant said...

hello sir....
my name is nishant and i am 18 yrs old.i am ur fan since i first picked up shooting in my class 8th.i am also a peep sight shooter and have played many pre nationals and once national.my personal best is 381 out of 400. i know its not very gud...but i wanted to take help from u. i have done my schoolin from rimc which is in dehradun.my coach out there was mr. ashok shai....who himself has played in many international comp with u. he is ex army.
since i have passed out from my school...i have no more access to continue my dream.
i know that from this score i wont land anywhere....but as my coach used to always tell me.....i am very hard workin ...as u r.becoz in my school i didnt get time to do as much practise as i wanted....

i used to hear from many ppl that u r thwe most hard workin shooter in our national team...and that is why due to ur extra hardwork and no rest u got back problem....

sir....if u could help me in any way then plz let me know.i am from a middle class family and due to this i am not able to continue on my own.
i have also heard that u r goin to open a shootin range in chandigarh.i know that there r many ppl like me...and many better that me ...but i promise that if i get a chance...with my hardwork.....i will prove u that i am no less.
becoz...there is a sayin....hardwork always pays...and thats my moto...

sir...i know u dont have much time for my this mail...but if u do get ime then plz reply me on.....

Nikunj Malik said...

dunno if i shud be saying this, but dont see any time slot in ur time table for ur self... thats important as well Mr bindra....

u have well achieved wat is not even a life time dream for three fourths of the world. half the world dies n hoping to make an identity. u have carved an identity for the country... we love u so very much....

u know wat...u have already done more than ur share for the country.

thanks to u, our dear government is now atleast awake n i heard we have an international levl shooitng range coming up in faridabad...right next to my house where apparently 25 shooters can practice simultaneously....

just hoping it comes out of papers and becomes tangible rather than just another news.... lets c... we dont know yet....

with that done...u can just chill for sometime now... considering it must have been maddening for u..the press and all....

do this- the weather out is beautiful... go out and enjoy what india is really known for....
The Street Food...and Indian beauties ;)....u''l love it if u try.... :D

dedeepya said...

Hi Bindra
Have been waiting for your post..
Thanks for your post.
All The Best

lil mermaid said...

so nice to have you back...

alwayz with a desire to do something good...to be the change...dats wat makes you different from all others..
for wat everyone respects you n looks up to you....

shreya shukla said...

hi abhinav sabse pehle to advance me happy birth day iknow abhi to bahut time hai par mein chahte hoon ki aapko sabse pehle mein wish karo. waise aapne jo times of india mein special editor ke taur par entry maare wo to ek dum jhakaas thi. aap soch rahe hoge ki is ladki ko kya ho gaya ek dum se kaun si bhasha bolne lag gaye.kya karoon itne formal nahin ho sakte. ek baat batao , aap kabhi ye sare msg's padhte bhi ho ya nahin.agar haan to mujhe yakeen dilao. mera e mail ID hain shreyashukla41@yahoo.com
plz reply karna.

shreya shukla said...

reply zaroooooor karna warna ..............................warna..............................................................................................................................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!warna kya akhir main kya bigag loonge. computer main ghus kar aapko mar to nahin sakte coz iam really very crazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzy about u.
bye bye

shreya shukla said...

sorry bigad ki spelling zara gadbad ho gaye waise koi tension ki baat nahin hai. u carry on!!!!!!!!!

reachme said...

Hello Mr.Bindra,
I must appreciate the way you handle the media .I read your decent response to Mr.Digvijay's comment and it was good you didn't make a mountain out of a molehill ,I mean you could have retaliated with a scathing statement but you prefered to respond with a dignified statement.I wonder how can you be so placid all time(My parents wants me to be like that).At the end of the day you must be feeling good for all the things you do.Take care.

Deepika said...

Good to hear from you after such a long time!! (: Well, I am really disappointed by what Mr Digvijay Singh said! He's no right to call you 'ungrateful'.

And its such a pleasure to read your posts and I was sorta worried as to where have you been of late! :(

Lots of love and luck

Divija said...

hi abhinav .i'm sure that u will be successful in setting up 500 sporting schools. ALL DA BEST!!.at present u r the country's sport icon and our dream of winning more medals have many chances

Ray said...

Oo man, you do us proud. COngratulations!!!

And keep up the spirit.

Would Love to meet you someday, and if i deserve to, i am sure we will.

Anywayz, keep updating your blog, you inspire many. Would love to read more from you


uma said...

ea...u can definitly win medals becoz u have plans n visions..

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